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What do real people think about our shoulder rehab tool?


Read for yourself and discover why real people are so passionate and willing to share their experience with the Rotater.  Hear from:

Happy clients share their Rotater experiences

Happy clients share their Rotater experiences

  • Golfers
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Physical Therapists
  • Baseball Coaches
  • Strength and Conditioning Coaches
  • Chiropractors
  • Senior Baseball Players
  • PGA Instructors
  • Shoulder Rehab Patients
  • …real people just like YOU!

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I want to thank you guys for the invention of the Rotator. I have mine some weeks now and I am absolutely convinced that this is one of the best fitness tools I ever used.

First I tried to explore the real benefit of the Rotator by using it just for the right shoulder. But after 8 days I felt such a dramatic difference – and I had to quit my little “experiment”.

By now I know the Rotator also helps if I don’t use it: I do my shoulder stretching without the Rotator much more sophisticated, because my body seems to remember the correct moves.

The Rotator change a lot for me – so go on and spread the word!”

Posted on our Facebook page by Stefan Jäschke on May 30, 2010

* * *

“…I’ve been using the Rotater nearly everyday now and my shoulder flexibility has improved and is greater than before the shoulder surgery.  As a golfer this is important for generating distance and control.” – read the rest

Bill Raines – Kennedy Space Center, NASA

* * *

“…As most PT’s (physical therapists) and ATC’s (certified athletic trainers) know, the capsular pattern of ROM restriction for the shoulder include these two motions. It has been effective in the clinical setting, and we have also allowed patients to take it home with them for periods of time to use in their home exercise programs.”

Jim Nespor PT / ATC

* * *

“…I am instantly convinced that every baseball player needs to have this tool in their arsenal!..” – read Coach Dan’s email

Coach Dan Huff, CSCS


* * *

“…the easy to use Rotater now allows me to teach patients a simple and very effective way to perform self-stretching routines…” – read why this athletic trainer is impressed with the Rotater

Kenneth T. Cieslak, DC, ATC, CSCS

Doctor of Chiropractic/ Sports Injury Rehabilitation
61 E. Main Street
Bogota, NJ 07603

* * *

“…Not only has it improved throwing mechanics, but also has improved the recovery time, and reduced injuries/ sorness/inflamation from pitching and throwing practice sessions…” – read more of baseball training specialists thoughts about the Rotater

Steve Forestieri

Health and Exercise Science Educator
Founder National Health and Exercise Science Association NHESA
Baseball Coach/Training Specialist

* * *

“…During baseball season I showed it to several players and they found this tool useful in giving them the type of stretch they desired. We hope to use it with more teams this upcoming Fall 2008 season…” – Head athletic trainer fascinated

Jonathan D. Drisko, ATC, LAT

Head Athletic Trainer
Algonquin Regional High School

* * *

“…The Rotater has increased my Range of Motion at the shoulder and reduced strain. Our pitchers have tried it and they like the specific stretch it provides at the shoulder girdle…” – Senior Men’s Baseball League player uses Rotater

H. Robert Perez, Ph.D

Human Performance Lab
Adelphi University

* * *

“…There was nothing else I could find that would duplicate the same kind of stretches my physical therapist was doing on me like the rotater did…” – Police officer gets back on the job with the Rotater’s help

Officer D. Pesko

* * *

“I was very glad that I stopped at your booth at the PGA show…” – PGA instructor stretch’s with the Rotater

Perry R. Green

Director of Instruction
Director of Golf Operation
The Golf Club at Wescott Plantation

* * *

“…Since we ran into the Rotater guys at the PGA Expo in Las Vegas our shoulder program has been unbelievable…” – Therapist adds Rotater to his shoulder program

Paul Ruth, NMT

Neuromuscular Performance Institute

* * *

“…since the PGA Show when you introduced me to the “Rotater”, I have been using it daily. The results for me have been outstanding…” – Golfer increases shoulder turn with the Rotater

Ed Wallace, golfer

* * *

“…great job guys! I truly appreciate your ingenuity in creating the Rotater. It has been a great addition to my clinic…” – Physical therapist uses Rotater in his clinic and baseball camps

Kevin Rausch, MPT, CSCS

Rausch Physical Therapy, INC.

* * *

“…Thank you for creating something breast cancer survivors can use to help with our rehabilitation after surgery.” – Breast cancer survivor stretches with the Rotater

Jane Ali

2 year breast cancer survivor
Co-Founder of Marathon of Miracles Foundation

* * *

“…It seems that the Rotater is helping breakdown the scar tissue that gave the shoulder some of its stiffness and pain.” – Long drive consultant believes in the Rotater

Bob Orr, Long Drive Consultant

* * *

“…I plan to introduce the Rotator to our physical therapy students in the University of Texas Health Science Center Allied Health program in San Antonio as well…” – Physical therapy expert evaluates the Rotater

Julie Barnett PT, DPT, MTC

Director of Physical Therapy for Annette M. Zaharoff MD
Adjunct Faculty University of Texas Health Science Center Physical Therapy Dept

* * *

“…My range of motion has improved immensely and I use it on both shoulders, even though only the right one was injured…” – Senior golf pro gets back into golf with help of the Rotater

Dusty O’Tyrrell

Senior Professional Golfer
P.O. Box 499
Death Valley , California 92328

* * *

“…Almost every golfer can benefit from increased range of motion in the shoulder joint to help them create wider, more powerful and more consistent swings, and the Rotater is the easiest and most effective product I have seen to achieve this task.” – PGA pro says shoulder turn increases by using the Rotater

Derek Highley

Global Golf Marketing
PGA Member, HK (Human Kinetics)
Global Golf Marketing

* * *

“…I have been using it (the Rotater) with several patients over the past two weeks and found it to be a wonderful adjunct to their shoulder stabilization programs…” – Physical therapist says patients are pleased with the Rotater

Jane Davis, PT

The Fitness Balloon – A Program For Exercise

* * *

“…I plan on sending the information about the Rotater on to professionals that I have worked with so that they can implement it in their programs…” – Athletic trainer says Rotater puts the athlete in control

Tamara Copes, M.S, ATC, LAT

* * *

“…I want say that using the “Rotater” on a regular basis has had a positive effect for many of my shoulder patients I see from S/P RTC Repair Surgery to Adhesive Capsulitis…” – Physical therapist says the Rotater does a better job isolating

Justin Spooner, MSPT

* * *

“…He now has unbelievable rotation in his shoulder; rotation we thought would take at least another year to achieve…” – Senior golfer back on the course, thanks to the Rotater

Brent Crangle

VP Marketing – Spa Division
P.O. Box 2379
Danville , Ca 94526
Direct: 925.487.1193

* * *

“…Because the Rotator is so simple and effective, I am more consistent with my stretching exercises and have been making great progress in my recovery…” – The Rotater becomes part of shoulder flexibility program

Don Gronachan

* * *

“…It (the Rotater) has made immeasurable improvement with the movement in my arms and shoulders…” – Grandmother recommends the Rotater

JoAnn Melton, retired grandmother