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Manly Shoulders

"Shoulders Make the Man" "Shoulder the Load" "Put Your Shoulder into It" Our language is filled with quotes indicating that your strength lies in your shoulders.  Let's be honest ... broad, powerful shoulders are impressive.  All the old-time strongmen exhibited great shoulder strength, which came from doing compound lifts, overhead presses, odd object lifts and carrying / grip lifts. This article is not about any of those lifts ... BUT … [Read more...]

Shoulders, Core and More – 360 Strength Trainer

Variety is the spice of life !! From the food you eat to the books you read to the company you keep. Variety makes life ... well ... more INTERESTING ! Don't get me wrong ... I LOVE  the basics.  There's nothing better for building muscular strength and mass than squats, deadlifts, farmer's walks, heavy rows, heavy presses and chins. BUT ... sometimes the basics can get "booooring" !!  Deloading helps and is great for muscle repair and … [Read more...]

Example of Shoulder Strength, Control and Finesse

Man ... I love all the creative people on the internet.  It doesn't matter what your niche  ... Goggles for Dogs to Custom Fortune Cookies to Shoulder Rehab and Performance (that last one is us) ... there's someone out there pushing the envelope. Here's one of the guys creating a tremendous shoulder strength and control exercise.  First ... get an 8 lb sledgehammer and  then balance a delicate cup of coffee on top of the sledgehammer.  After … [Read more...]

Farmer’s Walk on a Budget … How to Build Powerful Shoulders

You don't need a big, fancy gym to get a good workout.  You don't even need conventional barbells and dumbbells to build strong, powerful shoulders.  What you do need ... is to push, pull, lift and carry heavy weights. Farmer's Walks are a great example of this concept.  Anyone who's spent any time working on a farm will tell you that every day you're going to carry heavy buckets, push heavy wheelbarrows, pull something heavy and lift many … [Read more...]

How to Add Variety to Your Shoulder Workout

I like the basics ... especially for shoulder strength and development.  So, I do the traditional shoulder strengthening exercises: military pressess dumbbell presses lateral raises farmer's walks shrugs Shoulder workouts can get boring ... with a capital B These basic shoulder exercises are great, but sometimes the routine makes my shoulder workouts feel more like slogging through a dream than actually challenging my shoulder … [Read more...]

Pain Free Chest Press

There's no use beating around the bush .... the older I get, the more painful it has become for me to bench press.  I'm not sure why but here's a good articlethat makes a lot of sense. At one point, my shoulders became so sore that I just quit working out altogether in the hopes that a layoff would cure the problem ... guess what?  It didn't work and the layoff just made it harder to get back into the "flow" of working out.  Here's my … [Read more...]

Want SuperHero Shoulders?

Strong, powerful shoulders ... the girls love em and the guys want em.  Do you have strong, powerful shoulders?  Why not?  Maybe it's your training ... do you lift heavy stuff?  I'm not talking about 20 lb dumbbells for sets of 20 reps.  I'm talking 70, 80 ,90 or even 100 lb dumbbells that make your butt pucker. To be powerful, you've got to do powerful things ... heavy military presses, dumbbell presses, power cleans, farmer's walks and … [Read more...]