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We think the Rotater is the greatest thing since “sliced bread”…but we may be a bit biased..the people who wrote these Rotater Testimonials are probably biased as well, because the Rotater worked for them.  How about reading some independent Rotater Reviews?

How does the Rotater work?  Check out these Rotater videos !!

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2 Rotaters…What’s the Difference?

The Original Rotater – $59.97
The Pink Rotater – $59.97
The Original Rotater and #1 Shoulder Rehab Device The Pink Rotater - Stretching Shoulders to Stretch Lives
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Both Rotaters: Orange and Pink are identical except for color. However, if you order the Pink Rotater we include our Strong Arm Attachment FREE! That’s a savings to you of $11.95.

Why the different colors? We originally made the Rotater bright orange to help people find it easily when they laid it down.  The Pink Rotater is our attempt to help breast cancer patients. Breast cancer has hit our families and we wanted to help.

Note:  You can “click” on each of the images above and you’ll be taken to a page giving you more details about that particular Rotater.

Rotater Accessories

The Strong Arm – $11.95
The Rotater Pad – $5.95
Replacement Wrist Strap – $1.95
Strengthen your rotator cuff with the Strong Arm
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The Strong Arm attachment comes standard on our Pink Rotater and is an upgrade on our Orange and Green Rotaters. It consists of 2 feet of Sanctband medium resistance tubing and a handle. By attaching the Strong Arm to your Rotater, you have a portable rotator cuff strengthening system you can take anywhere…easily. It is infinitely adjustable and easy to use. Please “click” the Strong Arm image to learn more.

The Rotater Pad is not for everyone…in fact, most people don’t need it! If you have very sensitive skin or have lymphedema, then you will benefit from using the pad.

The Replacement Wrist Strap – we offer this in case you lose the wrist strap that comes with your Rotater.

Strong Arm Resistance Tubing

Peach (light resistance) Tubing – $1.95
Orange (med resistance) Tubing – $1.95
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We offer our Strong Arm resistance tubing in Peach ( light resistance ) and Orange ( medium ). Each piece of tubing is approximately 2 feet long.