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Overhead Pressing Alternatives for Shoulder Strength

Overhead Pressing for StrengthThe “king” of lifts is debatable … some say it’s the bench press … some say it’s the deadlift … BUT in the past, “true” strength was measured by how much weight you could lift over your head.

Do you remember when you were a kid and someone asked you how strong you were?  Did you rush to find a bench press?  NO .. you probably looked around to find a heavy object.  Then, you reached down, picked it up and pushed it over your head.  Nothing fancy … just a demonstration of YOUR strength.

Overhead lifting requires full-body strength … legs, core, shoulders, triceps and grip.  There are many great overhead pressing variations:

  • clean and press
  • military press
  • dumbbell press
  • kettlebell press
  • push press
  • behind the neck press

Here are a couple of overhead pressing variations to add a little variety to your shoulder workout.

Landmine Press – Simple .. AND Shoulder Freindly

One Arm Shoulder Press

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