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My Pushups Are Better Than Yours

My Pushups Are Better Than YoursNow, that’s a bold title … and really meant to grab your attention.

Are my pushups better than yours?

Maybe .. maybe not, but the main reason I like this kind of suspension pushup is the because they really force you to stabilize your shoulders.  Let me explain …

When performing the “normal” suspension pushup, the weight of your body pushes down on the straps.  This in turn forces the straps to “squeeze” your elbows.  This is good … in that it almost guarantees that you’ll perform the pushup as it was intended … with the elbows in close to the side.

But not everyone needs to be “forced” into performing a correct pushup.  I already know how to do a pushup … and I really didn’t like the straps rubbing against my arms/elbows.

So, I modified my straps to “free up” my elbows …and HOLD ON NELLY… the change made a HUGE difference !!  Doing the pushups with my modified straps increased the instability factor tremendously.  Watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean.

When you’re finish reading the latest shoulder rehab and performance links below, make a set of straps like mine and give these pushups a try …. you’ll be very surprised.

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The title of this article is a JOKE 🙂 … intended only to challenge you to give it a try so you can see for yourself why you’ll need more stability to do your pushups.

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