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Manly Shoulders

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Our language is filled with quotes indicating that your strength lies in your shoulders.  Let’s be honest … broad, powerful shoulders are impressive.  All the old-time strongmen exhibited great shoulder strength, which came from doing compound lifts, overhead presses, odd object lifts and carrying / grip lifts.

This article is not about any of those lifts … BUT it is about developing great shoulder development.  Brett McKay, from the Art of Manliness has posted a great video about battling ropes.

Battling ropes are great for upping the intensity of your shoulder workouts without adding more weight.

The Battle Rope Workout | The Art of Manliness

If you don’t think these exercise with flat wear your shoulders out, then you’re mistaken !!  Watch the video below (it’s me) and you’ll notice how winded I am at the end.

Shoulder Warmup With a Heavy Rope

As you can see, I’m “huffing and puffing” at the end.  Give these heavy rope exercises a try and you’ll see what I mean.

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OK … check out these shoulder rehab and performance links and let me know what you like the best.  Good luck with your shoulder 🙂

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