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Shoulderdoc – this is a huge site packed with excellent information, images and explanations about all aspects of your shoulder

JointHealing.com – easy to navigate and easy to understand information. This site is a provider of a wide variety of products for the joints

Shouldersurgeon.com – provides great information via articles that give you explanations, symptoms, possible diagnoses, available treatments and rehabilitation

WrongDiagnosis.com – type shoulder ( or whatever you want information about ) in the search bar of this site. This site has a huge database on shoulder problems

Sports Injury Bulletinlook to the left of the page to find the navigation bar, then scroll down to “shoulder”. This site provides plenty of articles on shoulder injuries

The Stone Clinic – click on “shoulder” in the navigational links on the left of the page. This site provides a great deal of information about orthopedic injuries, treatments and rehabilitation.

Sport Injury Clinic – click on shoulder injuries in the navigation bar. This site is easy to navigate and quick. They provide information about several types of common and uncommon injuries.

usaswimming.org – this site provides a very good shoulder conditioning program for anyone, not just world class swimmers. We sited this article in our post “Shoulder injury prevention is much less costly than shoulder repair”. Click here to get to the original article.


Global Golf Marketing – These guys know marketing and marketing to the golf community is their specialty. If you need to get your product, service, golf course or pro shop out there for the golf world to see, hear about and take notice of, then visit their web site and explore some of the services that these guys offer.

My Fitness Caddy Blog – Ted Vickey, the creator of My Fitness Caddy, is one of the nation’s top fitness management consultants, and the former Executive Director of the White House Athletic Center under the Bush, Clinton and Bush administrations.  His blog is designed to promote “Better Golf Through Better Fitness”.

dBrush-Golfthis is a unique and handy little brush that is about the size of a quarter that is very effective for keeping your club heads clean. A great little product.

Golf Fitnessa geat magazine whose time has come. Golf Fitness is dedicated to providing you with the most current and useful information relating to better golf through peak physical and mental conditioning.


Neuromuscular Performance Institute – Paul Ruth’s Neuromuscular Release therapy and a lot more.

NHESA – National Health & Exercise Association – Their Mission statement: “The mission of the National Health and Exercise Science Association is to increase participation in proactive health through promotion and recognition in all areas of health and exercise science.”

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