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Rotator Cuff Exercises

By Mike Behnken, MS, CSCS – AskTheTrainer.com

“…It is important to mention again and again.  In order for rotator cuff exercises to be effective you must perform each range of motion slowly and under control.

If you have rotator cuff problems in the past, you will most definitely benefit from The Rotater which will allow you to perform rotator cuff stretches correctly.”

—Jan 18, 2009—

Nurturing Yourself & Your Environment Through 2009

By Daylle Deanna Schwartz – Lessons from a Recovering Doormat

“…it’s (the Rotater) helped me with my sensitive spots that get sore when I work out with weights and for overall stretching to relieve the soreness I always get after.  Often, my sore spots don’t go away easily. Using the Rotater has greatly improved it.

Using the Rotater can save time schlepping to a doctor and money that you might spend on physical therapy….This is highly recommended by many doctors, physical therapists, people involved in sports, and me!”

—December 5, 2008—

The Rotater……To The Rescue!

By Brad Clardy – Brad’s Wonderful World of Golf

“…The product that I am now using exclusively for my shoulder program is The Rotater…”

—September 17, 2008—

The coolest device you don’t have…yet.

By James – B and A Sports Medicine Store Blog

“…After playing around with a few different prototypes, he was able to find a design which allowed for him to do his shoulder exercises at home. This simple, yet ingenious design allowed for Scott to work on internal and external shoulder rotation on any plane he wanted.”


—July 21, 2008—

From Injury to Invention

By Stefanie Tiso
WLTZ 38 News

“One motorcycle racer has used his numerous injuries to invent a shoulder rehab and stretching device….

What he came up with was the Rotater, a device he wanted to mimic the stretch his shoulder got in physical therapy….”

—July 2, 2008—

The Rotater

By Kelly O’Connell
WRBL News 3 On Your Side

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“… He came up with a simple device designed to strengthen and stretch your shoulders. It’s called The Rotater and not only are other patients using it; professional athletes are catching on. Players from the Detroit Lions, New York Giants and the Indianapolis Colts have all used Kay’s invention.
And it’s not just football…”

—June 28, 2008___

My Fitness Hut Endorses “The Pink Rotater”

Excerpt from the article appearing on My Fitness Hut Blog by former NCAA athlete and fitness guru Mark Dilworth:

“The Pink Rotator” is designed to improve your shoulder performance. I have personally used “The Pink Rotator” and it is great for increasing shoulder flexibility, strength and range of motion. It is critical for you to have a full range of motion in the shoulder to make everyday living easier. It can also be used to rehabilitate range of motion and rotator cuffs. Anyone would be wise to use “The Pink Rotator.” – read the entire post

—June 11, 2008—

Joint Mechanix set to reveal the Rotater to Athletic Trainers in St. Louis

OPELIKA, ALABAMA June 11, 2008 Sports News

(PRLEAP.COM) Joint Mechanix, LLC, the creators of the Rotater, will be in St. Louis (June 17-21, 2008) at the National Athletic Trainers Association’s annual conference to demonstrate and answer questions about their
shoulder rehab and stretching device.

Originally developed as a way to supplement shoulder rehab, the Rotater has been welcomed by athletes desiring a way to stretch and maximize their shoulder performance. Derek Highly, a PGA teaching professional says, “By using the Rotater for only a few minutes a day, stretching my shoulder both internally and externally, I have been able to see a measurable difference in the range of motion in my shoulder. This has transferred over to a wider, more efficient and more powerful turn in my golf swing.”

Scott Kay and Chris Melton, the owners of Joint Mechanix have just returned from Indianapolis where they were demonstrating the Rotater at the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual convention. Melton says, “The ACSM show was great for us. More and more medical and sports professionals are recognizing how the Rotater can benefit their shoulder patients and their athletes.”

Tamara Copes, M.S, ATC, LAT, says, “I spent two years with the LSU volleyball and tennis programs as well as a year with the University of Louisiana of Lafayette volleyball and softball programs. With all of these teams playing overhead sports, I spent a lot of time stretching their arms and shoulders. If I had had the Rotater, then my time could have been freed up to work on other important things. “

The Rotater is currently being used by golf professionals, tennis professionals, MLB players, NFL players, long-drive professionals as well as many amateur athletes.

Joint Mechanix LLC was founded in 2007 to market ‘The Rotater’, a shoulder rehab and stretching device designed to increase the flexibility and range of motion (ROM) of the shoulder in order to maximize shoulder performance.

If you would like more information about the Rotater or to schedule an interview with Scott Kay, the inventor of the Rotater, then please call (334) 524-1810, email Scott at skay@therotater.com or visit the website –

—May 14, 2008—

A Joint Mechanix shoulder device, the Rotater, proves beneficial to Post-Surgical Rehab Patients, Breast Cancer Survivors and Athletes

OPELIKA, ALABAMA May 14, 2008 Health News
(PRLEAP.COM) Joint Mechanix LLC has created a shoulder rehab and stretching device that has quickly caught the attention of several different groups including post-surgical rehab patients, breast cancer survivors and athletes. Following a motorcycle wreck that resulted in shoulder surgery, Scott Kay, a co-owner of Joint Mechanix LLC, invented a shoulder rehabilitation device he named ‘The Rotater’. Kay then used his ‘Rotater’ at home and between visits to his therapists as a way to supplement his physical therapy.A mechanic by trade, Kay created ‘The Rotater’ in his shop behind his home in Salem Alabama, because he wanted a device that he could use by himself that would mimic the stretches and sensations he felt during his physical therapy sessions.

After seeing ‘The Rotater’, Kay’s physical therapists at ‘Total Rehab’ in Auburn Alabama encouraged him to secure a patent. Kay took their advice and introduced ‘The Rotater’ in June 2007, then joined forces with fellow mechanic, Chris Melton of Five Points Alabama to form Joint Mechanix LLC to market their device.

With a business degree in Finance and entrepreneurial experience, Melton brings extensive knowledge to the enterprise. Since inception, they have been traveling the country to exhibit ‘The Rotater’ at various health and athletic trade shows.

Melton and Kay were approached at a trade show in Denver by a health care professional who works exclusively with breast cancer survivors. She informed them that following breast cancer treatment, survivors are often plagued with shoulder impairments and ‘The Rotater’ could assist them in their physical rehabilitation.

Jane Ali, a breast cancer survivor and co-founder of Marathon of Miracles Foundation and SurvivorCelebration.com says, “There are a lot of exercises my doctor told me to do, but this one works the best. Thank you for creating something breast cancer survivors can use to help them with their rehabilitation after surgery.”

Because breast cancer has stricken family members of both Kay and Melton, Joint Mechanix LLC has pledged 10% of all revenues from the sale of their ‘Pink Rotaters’ to breast cancer research.

The unique ability of ‘the Rotater’ to stretch the shoulder has resulted in its adoption and use by a variety of athletes. As opposed to rehabilitating an impaired shoulder, athletes use ‘The Rotater’ to stretch, warm-up and condition healthy shoulders. Currently, ‘The Rotater’ is being used by several professional athletes competing in golf, tennis, baseball and football.

Kevin Rausch MPT, CSCS and owner or Rausch Physical Therapy INC. located in Laguna Niguel California says, “The Rotater itself has proved invaluable to my patients’ shoulders and their subsequent recovery. It has been used for a variety of overuse, sports, orthopedic and post-surgical conditions to date, and on a large group of patients as well. Everyone from grandma with adhesive capsulitis to the major league baseball pitcher has reaped its benefits, and I look forward to many more.”

About Joint Mechanix, LLC – Joint Mechanix LLC was founded in 2007 to market ‘The Rotater’, a shoulder rehab and stretching device designed to increase the flexibility and range of motion (ROM) of the shoulder joint. ‘The Rotater’ has inadvertently broken into multiple markets in the first nine months since its introduction.

If you would like more information about the Rotater or to schedule an interview with Scott Kay, then please call (334) 524-1810, email Scott at skay@therotater.com or visit the website – www.therotater.com

—March 29, 2008—

The Rotater (yes, that’s the correct spelling)

Article and video appeared on the strength training website – Straight to the Bar


—March 28, 2008—

Shoulder Pain? Check this out…

Excerpt from article appearing on The Baby Boomer Fitness Authority

“If you’re a golfer, make sure you look at this article, The Importance of Shoulder Flexibility in the Golf Swing.”

—March 25, 2008—

The Rotater being praised by Physical Therapists, Athletes

The Valley Times-News – No link available


“A product created by two east Alabama me is quickly becoming the choice when it comes to rehabilitation and stretching devices for the shoulder.”

“…and it’s gotten good reviews from physical therapists and sports enthusiasts who have used it.”

“Golfers in particular have embraced the Rotater.”

– Wayne Clark, VT-N News Editor

—March 2, 2008—

Inventor hopes device will turn pain around

– Muskegon Chronicle

This story was a reprint of the February 11th article that appeared in the Birmingham News. It was picked up on the news wire. No link was available.

—February 26, 2008—

A shoulder to lean on

– The Ann Arbor News

This story was a reprint of the February 11th article that appeared in the Birmingham News. It was picked up on the news wire. No link was available

—February 2008—

PGA Show in Orlando – A ‘Must Go’

– page 56 – Golf Today magazine

“…so I tried the sample they provided and, at first I felt muscles and ligaments and whatever keeps me glued together that I had not felt since my 3-hour Thai Massage about five years ago.”

“The Rotater provides Internal and External Rotation for one’s arms and shoulders which, in turn, results in stretching exercises that are key to good golf.”

“The Rotater allows you to get your body fluid enough to do those things and the results are outstanding.”

“…see for yourself how you use this most worthwhile training aid. Fact is, even if you didn’t play golf, you should still be using the Rotater…”

– Bob Koczor – owner / editor Golf Today magazine

—February 2008—

Spring 2008 Product Showcase

– page 59 – Mountain West Golf Magazine

“The Rotater is a rehabilitation / stretching device, designed to increase the range of motion (ROM) of your shoulder. In our own in-house tests here at the magazine, we found this device easy to use and easy to stow. Best of all, it seems to really work.”

—February 11, 2008—

Industrial Mechanic invents tool to improve shoulder mobility, finds niche in athletics


– The Birmingham News

“The device is very, very good,” said Ty Garner, a physical therapist and part owner of Total Rehab. “I still support him 100 percent. You can show it to any therapist out there, and they’ll say, `Wow.” Read the Rest

—December 10, 2007—

Rotater ideal for shoulders


– The Birmingham News

“…promises to help everyone from the grandmother who wants to pick up little ones to elite athletes.” Read the Rest

—December 8, 2007—

Meet inventor of the Rotater

– The Montgomery Advertiser

This is a video that was shot and edited by Shannon Heupel during an interview with Kym Klass of the Montgomery Advertiser – note: this link is no longer live

—December 7, 2007—

Local inventor revolutionizes rehab


– Auburn-Opelika News

“…ironically it�s a broken bone that may have led Kay to a discovery that could change the face of sports rehabilitation and training.” Read the rest

—December 5, 2007—

Pair hope patients turn to ROTATER

– The Montgomery Advertiser

What started as an idea Scott Kay had to help him recover from shoulder surgery has expanded to helping golfers with their swing and breast cancer patients with strengthening their shoulder muscles.

After breaking his shoulder three times during three different motorcycle racing events, Kay tried – during his third post-op recovery – to expedite the healing process.

Frustrated that he was losing his range of motion between visits with his physicall therapist, he went into his shop at home and created the ROTATER – a plastic orange “L” shaped device that helps him stretch the internal and external rotation of his shoulders without assistance.

The ROTATER, which sells for $44.95, positions and maintains a person’s arm and shoulder in the correct position relative to each other resulting in proper stretching of the shoulder joint. It stretches the shoulder internally and externally along an infinite number of planes on either the right or left shoulder.

After making the product, Kay created Joint Mechanix with friend Chris Melton.

The product took a step toward success when it wast recently named “golf product of the month” by 1StopForGolf.com.

Their wives, Cynthia Kay and Melissa Melton have been instrumental in the company’s success, Kay said.

“The shipping department is in one of the bedrooms in our house, and both women have attended trade shows to help us promote the product,” he said.

The two men are industrial mechanics at Michelin North America in Opelika and have been friends for nine years.

“We’re not physical therapists, and we’re not orthopedic surgeons,” Melton said, “We’re just industrial mechanics who had a good idea.”

Their product, which was launched in June and has a patent pending, has attracted everyone from a Hawaii golf pro to the family of an 11-year old female softball pitcher in Virginia. It also has attracted volleyball and baseball players.

And breast cancer patients.

“They all have shoulder problems,” Kay said of breast cancer patients. “They lose mobility and strength. So we decided to come up with something that allowed them to strengthen their shoulders.

“When they take lymph nodes out from under your armpits…they develop scar tissue due to lack of motion.” he added. “Nobody addresses the physical therapy part of breast cancer rehabilitation. A lot of women just end up with shoulder problems. So we’re trying to create breast cancer rehabilitation awareness.”

To promote the research, a pink ROTATER is available with a free “strong arm” accessory, and 10 percent of the proceeds from the pink ROTATER will go to fund breast cancer research.

“We’re not putting a limit of how much we give” to research, Melton said. “It’s not a one-time thing, and it’s not to a certain level. It’s from now on.”

About 500 ROTATER products, which are made at Prolific Plastics in Opelika, have been sold. About 2,000 have been produced.

Melton said he and Kay are big believers in the law of attraction.

“It basically says you attract into your life what you think about the most,” he said. “And we think about being successful, about helping people, about how well this product is designed for post-op patients, athletes and breast cancer patients.

“So I guess because we have that confidence in the product, it attracts to us the people we need to meet to make it grow.”

– By Kym Klass kklass@gannett.com


—November 27, 2007—

Opelika business has featured product


– The Montgomery Advertiser

The Rotater, created and marketed by area businessmen Scott Kay and Chris Melton and marketed by the Opelika company Joint Mechanix LLC, has been named “golf product of the month” by 1StopForGolf.com.

Kay, an avid motorcycle racer who has broken his shoulders three times, invented the rehabilitation and stretching device for shoulders.

After his last surgery, he wanted to speed up the rehabilitation process and found nothing available that could reproduce the sensations that he felt during physical therapy. He invented the Rotater, a device that could be used at home to supplement his therapy. He said that doctors and therapists encouraged him to patent the device after they saw what it did.

The device increases the shoulder’s range of motion by passively stretching the shoulder’s internal and external rotation. Kay said it increases the shoulder’s flexibility for sport-specific activities and can effectively warm up the shoulder befor sporting events.

For more information, visit www.therotater.com

– Kym Klass


—November 1, 2007—

From the fairways E-newsletter from 1StopForGolf.com – Florida Edition – November 2007

GOLF PRODUCT OF THE MONTH – (This distinction changes monthly)

The Rotater – Rehabilitation and Stretching Device

“…Improved overall physical fitness is the most overlook method of game improvement by golfers. This is where The Rotater can help you improve your golf game by increasing flexibility and range of motion in the shoulder joint, an important lever in the golf swing when in comes to power and stability.” Read the rest