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The World’s Most Difficult Rotator Cuff Exercise?

There are a lot of great rotator cuff exercises ... from those that isolate the subscapularis to the ones that require complete shoulder girdle involvement.  You're only limited by your imagination and have a wide variety of rotator cuff exercises to choose from. The "real" question is ... Which rotator cuff exercise do YOU need? Dan Blewett, from Warbird Training Academy specializes in developing pitchers and has devised a great … [Read more...]

Rotator Cuff Stability .. Get Some Rhythm

Shoulder stability ... that's a broad, vague term.  What ... EXACTLY ... does shoulder stability mean? Shoulder stability is remarkably complex and refers to the ability of 4 very small rotator cuff muscles to hold the "ball" of the upper arm on the "socket" of the shoulder blade. Here are some interesting facts ... the "ball" of the humerus is only slightly smaller than a billiard ball the "socket" of the shoulder blade is about the … [Read more...]

Non-Rhythmic Stabilizations for Rotator Cuff Strength

What the heck are rotator cuff perturbations?  Imagine trying to hold your hand in an extended postion away from your body ... your arm can be straight or it can be bent.  While you are holding your hand it this fixed position, another person tries to rapidly push and pull your wrist to and fro while you attempt to maintain your original position. You can be standing, kneeling, lying or in another position. Another name for this technique … [Read more...]

How to Diagnose a Torn Rotator Cuff

You have shoulder pain ... abnormal, "won't go away", "can't sleep at night" - shoulder pain.  I know ... you're wondering ... "Do I have a torn rotator cuff"? ...right? So, what can you do?  Here's the honest, no BS answer - GO TO YOUR DOCTOR!  He can perform a series of simple tests ... right in his office that will give him a pretty good indication as to whether or not your rotator cuff is torn.   Based on these office tests, he may order … [Read more...]

Torn Rotator Cuff – Symptoms, Causes and Types

Do You Have a Torn Rotator Cuff? Give it to me straight, Doc ... Do I have a torn rotator cuff?  I tend to hear more and more people self-diagnose themselves with a torn rotator cuff ... it's the popular shoulder ailment ... sort of a catch all term that you hear in the news a lot.  But what does a "torn rotator cuff" mean?   Here's a video that will help you understand the symptoms, causes and types of rotator cuff tears: Torn Rotator … [Read more...]

Subscapularis 101 – Understanding Your Rotator Cuff

Subscapularis - Did You Know? 1.  Of the 4 muscles that make up your rotator cuff, the subscapularis is the largest, strongest and the hardest to physically touch?  It's difficult to touch because it is covers the inside of your shoulder blade, closest to your rib cage. 2.  It is the rotator cuff muscle responsible for the internal rotation of your arm / shoulder as well as contributing to the stabilization of the humeral head on the glenoid … [Read more...]

2.5 Rotator Cuff Rehab Tools

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 5 million people visited their doctors from 1998 - 2004 for problems related to their rotator cuff.  The article goes on to say that the incidence of rotator cuff damage increases with age.  Basically, as we get older, we can expect a greater chance of developing rotator cuff pain / injury. Rotator Cuff Repair / Rehab Cost On the Rise As all medical costs rise, people are looking for … [Read more...]