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The Beginning of Shoulder Rehab & Performance

Chris Melton and Scott Kay

Chris Melton, Scott Kay and the Rotater – Stretching External Rotation

We had the idea for “Shoulder Rehab and Performance” while driving home from Denver after debuting the Rotater at the American Physical Therapy Association’s annual convention in August 2007.

It occurred to us that there were no websites dedicated exclusively to shoulder rehabilitation or shoulder performance.  Since we’d been thrust into the world of shoulder rehab, thanks to Scott’s invention of the ( now patented) Rotater, we felt like it would be a great way to educate ourselves as well as others.

We ARE NOT shoulder experts or MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS.  We are a couple of entrepreneurs, who took a great idea – a shoulder rehab tool that patients or athletes could use at home to stretch and condition their shoulders for increased range of motion and made it a reality.

We hope you find the information here helpful as you rehab your shoulder or look for new ways to increase your shoulder performance.  We love to get feedback, so please send us an email or join our Facebook community, where we post much, much more shoulder information.

If you would like to know more about us and the Rotater, please read Our Story.

Email Scott at skay@theRotater.com or call 334-524-1810

You can email me at cfmelton@theRotater.com or call 334-444-4468

A short bio on Scott Kay

Scott Kay is:

  • the inventor of the “patented” Rotater ( and other interesting devices )
  • an avid motorcycle racer
  • an industrial maintenance technician
  • a machinist
  • an entrepreneur
  • a part-time, technical college instructor in the fields of industrial maintenance, welding and machinist technology

A short bio on Chris Melton

Chris Melton is: