Female stretching instructions with the Rotater

Female stretching instructions with the Pink Rotater

How to use the Rotater

Please feel free to download these instruction sheets.  You may want to print them and show them to your physical therapist, orthopedic surgeon, athletic trainer or coach.

NOTE: these are only the basic shoulder stretches and rotator cuff strengthening exercises that can be performed with the Rotater.  Due to the unique characteristics of the Rotater, there are many more positions the Rotater can be used in.  Watching our videos will give you a good idea of the many shoulder stretching and rotator cuff strengthening variations that are available.

How to download the Rotater exercise sheets

Male stretching instructions with the Rotater

Male stretching instructions with the Rotater

Each image can be downloaded to your computer as a PDF ( Portable Document File ).  The downloaded document will be full-sized and can be printed and / or emailed.  To download these Rotater instruction sheets to your computer – place your cursor over the image you want to download and simply click it – then follow the instructions on your screen.

How to adjust the wrist strap

The wrist strap will be attached to the middle of your Rotater when it arrives.  Please remove it and note that it is a two-sided piece of velcro.  One side is the hook side (stiff and uncomfortable) while the other side is the loop side (soft and comfortable).

Female rotator cuff strengthening exercises with the Rotater

Female rotator cuff strengthening exercises with the Rotater

Next, you will insert the strap through the slot in the Rotater that most closely matches your arm height.  To determine which slot to use, place your elbow into the 90° formed by the Rotater – the slot that matches your wrist height is the slot that you should place the wrist strap through.

The second slot from the end is the one that is most often used.  Approximately 85% of all Rotater owners will use this slot.  Those people with longer arms will use the first slot and those with shorter arms will use the third slot.  Again, please make sure that the soft side of the strap will be against your skin.

Now you simply form a loop – attaching the hook and loop sides of the strap together.

Male rotator cuff exercises with the Rotater

Male rotator cuff exercises with the Rotater

NOTE: Please make sure the loop is loose enough so that your hand slips in and out easily.  It should not be tight or difficult to insert and remove your hand.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate – contact us right away at questions@theRotater.comwe will respond to you as soon as possible.

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