Rotator Cuff Injury

Need Shoulder Mobility?

  • Limited Mobility?
  • Do you have difficulty reaching overhead?
  • Is combing your hair or removing your wallet hard to do and painful?

The Problem – Loss of Shoulder Mobility

Like you, Scott Kay had a problem…shoulder pain. But the thing that concerned him even more was his lack of shoulder flexibility and shoulder mobility.  You see, Scott is a motorcycle racer and it’s pretty important for him to have strong, flexible shoulders to steer his motorcycle around a flat, dirt oval at high speeds.

Shoulder flexibility and motorcycle racing

Scott Kay racing at Crooked Creek

There was a time-line…racing season would be here soon and Scott was in physical therapy.  Scott had shoulder surgery several months earlier to repair his mangled shoulder … now, as the new season quickly approached, he knew he wasn’t ready.  Scott began to ask his physical therapists questions about his progress … but their answer was always the same, “you’re doing fine”.

Scott asked his physical therapists for help. He wanted a shoulder rehabilitation tool he could use at home to supplement his physical therapy.  They told him to use his pulleys and light dumbbells.  He was already doing all that, but he just couldn’t reach back to get his wallet or perform a throwing motion.

“That’s your internal and external rotation” the physical therapist said.  BUT they went on to say there are no tools you can buy to stretch internal and external rotation.

The Solution – a Rotator Cuff Rehab Tool that Puts YOU Control

Later that day, in the shop behind his house, Scott created his Rotater prototype.  He wanted something that would duplicate the sensations he felt when his physical therapists performed internal and external rotation stretches during his shoulder therapy sessions.

The original Rotater prototype wasn’t pretty…but it worked.  Within a couple of weeks, Scott’s physical therapist commented on how much progress Scott had made in such a short time.  So Scott told them about his Rotater device and how he’d been using it at home – in between his scheduled physical therapy sessions.  They wanted to see it, so Scott showed the Rotater to them as well as how he’d been using it.

“You need to get a patent!!!”.  Scott’s physical therapist was so excited that he even set up an appointment with an attorney.

The Rotater is Patented as a Therapeutic Shoulder Apparatus

Shoulder tool receives patent

Shoulder rehab & stretching tool is patented

In May, 2010, Scott Kay was awarded Patent #7717834 for his remarkable shoulder tool.  The Rotater:

  • duplicates the internal and external stretches performed by a physical therapists or athletic trainer
  • works in multiple planes
  • puts YOU in control of the stretch
  • provides instant feedback – you can feel the stretch immediately
  • is portable and easy to use – instructions and dvd are provided to walk you through all the shoulder mobility exercises
  • is very affordable – much less than the cost of one physical therapy visit  – $59.97
  • can strengthen your rotator cuff muscles when combined with our Strong Arm attachment
  • can be purchased here on our website or from one of our distributors

What Do Rotater Users Say About the Rotater?

“…After doing the stretching exercises the very first day, I noticed that my shoulder really felt better.  I was shocked. You see, I was pretty skeptical that this “contraption” would really be able to help me…” read the rest

Pete Genot

“I have coached for 42 years and had to have a labral repair in my shoulder.  After trying therapy, I still had very little range of motion.  I bought the Rotater online, and after about a week, my range of motion increased significantly.  I have told my doctor, athletic trainers, etc. about the Rotater and recommend it without reservation.”

John  R. Wilson
Piedmont, AL.

Increasing the External Rotation of Your Shoulder

YouTube Preview Image

“I found The Rotater to be a great tool and have even loaned mine out to friends who were having shoulder inhibition and pain.  I highly recommend that you add this fantastic tool to your arsenal and keep your shoulder joints mobile, strong and healthy for life.”read more

Doug Fioranelli
Rise Above Performance Training

“…I have been using the Rotater with good results for a variety of my clients. From an my All American triathlete who is recovering from shoulder surgery to a 70 year old tennis player, to a bodybuilding client…”read the rest of Paul Frediani’s testinomial

Paul Frediani

Increasing the Internal Rotation of Your Shoulder

YouTube Preview Image

..”The Rotater is remarkable in that it enables external and internal stretching that could otherwise only by performed by a physical therapist.  The Rotater significantly shortened my rehabilitation and I doubt physical therapy alone would have been sufficient.  Needless to say the Rotater will continue to be part of my maintenance program.”read more

Don Elswick – Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

“…over the years I’ve been asked to evaluate many products and devices. Many have been ‘ok’ and a few have been great. I have to categorize the Rotater as awesome, plain and simple… And here’s why…” read Joey’s complete Rotater testimonial

Joey Atlas

Strengthening Your Rotator Cuff – External Rotators

YouTube Preview Image

“…I stumbled across your website and proceeded to make my own version of the Rotater. Having only one good arm, it didn’t come out so good. I ordered your product and in the past 4 months I have surpassed my therapist expectations. He “released” me on Dec. 30, 09…”read more

Dave Hurlbut
Bristol, CT.

“…I started using the Rotater about 6 weeks ago and can’t believe how it has improved my range of motion in my shoulders…” read more

Chris Hastings – Hoover, Alabama

Strengthening Your Rotator Cuff – Internal Rotators

YouTube Preview Image

If You’re Not Happy, We’re Not Happy…So the Rotater is GUARANTEED 100%

The Rotater works…plain and simple.  AND we guarantee you’ll be happy with the results or we’ll refund your money…NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  Take control of your life and BUY your Rotater today for the low cost of $59.97 … your shoulder will thank you.

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