I Need the Rotater Shoulder Tool !!

1.  How is Your Shoulder Range of Motion?

“…After trying therapy, I still had very little range of motion.    I bought the Rotater online, and after about a week, my range of motion increased significantly…” – John  R. Wilson – read more

  • Can you reach behind your back? … and overhead? … without pain?
  • Is it painful when you try to reach your wallet or comb your hair?
  • Are you tired of compensating for your shoulder pain and limited shoulder mobility?

The Rotater helped John … and it can help you as well.

2.  Are You in a Physical Therapy Program for Shoulder Rehabilitation?

“…The Rotater itself has proved invaluable to my patients’ shoulders and their subsequent recovery. It has been used for a variety of overuse, sports, orthopedic, and post-surgical conditions to date, and on a large group of patients as well. Everyone from grandma with adhesive capsulitis to the major league baseball pitcher has reaped its benefits, and I look forward to many more…” – Kevin Rausch, MPT, CSCS – read more

People who are participating in shoulder rehab physical therapy programs, typically get a prescription to see their physical therapist 3 times a week. During physical therapy visits, your shoulder is stretched and your range of motion is increased. BUT….. during the time between physical therapy visits, you are not able to stretch your shoulder properly (because you don’t have help) …. and this lack of stretching results in a loss of your range of motion.

When you return for your next physical therapy session, your therapist has to re-stretch your shoulder to recover the range of motion you lost while at home. This is why the shoulder rehabilitation process seems to take so long – it’s like taking two steps forward and one step back.

With the Rotater, you can self-stretch at home.  AND – being actively involved in your physical therapy assists your physical therapist’s efforts by maintaining your range of motion. Using the Rotater at home can accelerate your rehab progress. You want to get back to normal living – doing the things that you enjoy – the simple, everyday tasks that we all take for granted.  Ask your doctor or physical therapist if the Rotater can help you.  Download our Printable Exercise Sheets and get their opinion.

3.  Are You an Athlete Who Depends on Shoulder Performance?

“…I believe that The Rotater would be a valuable tool to keep in the bag of every baseball pitcher. It would be a great adjunct to warmup and cooldown routines….I want to commend Scott on a great design concept, and I look forward to continue using your device in my rehabilitation programs, as well as with my athletic teams. Great Job!” – Kenneth T. Cieslak, DC, ATC, CSCS – read more

“…The Rotater has increased my Range of Motion at the shoulder and reduced strain. Our pitchers have tried it and they like the specific stretch it provides at the shoulder girdle. Thanks for sharing the Rotater with our over 40 baseball players.” – H. Robert Perez, Ph.D – read more

The Rotater is a ‘must have’ stretching, prehab and warm-up tool for all athletes.  It may be the most important stretching device you’ll ever own. The Rotater:

  • is portable and light-weight
  • can be used at home, in your hotel room, at the gym, in the locker room, in the dugout, on the sidelines, in the bull pen, at the pool and on the field, track or golf course
  • is the perfect way to duplicate the rotator cuff stretches performed by your athletic trainer

There is no comparison.  Once you feel the STRETCH – the Rotater will become part of your daily stretching program. Don’t take chances with your shoulder – warm up and stretch with the Rotater!

The Rotater is being used by athletes from the high school level to players in professional football, professional tennis, professional baseball as well as PGA teaching professionals.

“…Your Rotater has been the best rehabilitation for my shoulder. the old football injuries that gave me a stiffness has been relieved and my shoulder rotation for long driving the golf ball has been great. Not many 61 year old guys can get it out over 320 yds which I did last week at a charity event fundraiser for Lukemia.” – Bob Orr, Long Drive Consultant – read more

“…I’ve been using the Rotater nearly everyday now and my shoulder flexibility has improved and is greater than before the shoulder surgery.  As a golfer this is important for generating distance and control.” – Bill Raines – Kennedy Space Center, NASA – read more

4.  Do You Have a Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)?

Frozen shoulder is a mystery – a painful mystery.  No one has been able to determine its exact cause.  Adhesive capsulitis affects people with diabetes and cardiac disease among other things.  It’s also associated with a prolonged period of shoulder immobilization.

Pain is usually treated with non-streroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy is usually prescribed to restore shoulder mobility.  The Rotater is the perfect tool to use in a home program for frozen shoulder.

“…I was diagnosed with Adhesive Capsulitis and only 50-60% of normal external and internal rotation.  Using the Rotater daily and combined with physical therapy I have progressed to 100% external rotation and 95% internal rotation in less than nine weeks.  I have no pain and am back to playing tennis.  The Rotater is remarkable in that it enables external and internal stretching that could otherwise only by performed by a physical therapist.  The Rotater significantly shortened my rehabilitation and I doubt physical therapy alone would have been sufficient.  Needless to say the Rotater will continue to be part of my maintenance program.” – Don Elswick – CRNA – read more

5.  Do You have Shoulder Problems? – Get Relief with the Rotater!

Don’t wait another minute…Purchase your Rotater today and discover the freedom and relief that can be yours with the Rotater!!!

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