The Rotater is featured in the Montgomery Advertiser

Opelika business product featured

The Rotater, created and marketed by area businessmen Scott Kay and Chris Melton and marketed by the Opelika company Joint Mechanix LLC, has been named “golf product of the month” by

Shoulder rehab device is in the news

Shoulder rehab device is in the news

Kay, an avid motorcycle racer who has broken his shoulders three times, invented the rehabilitation and stretching device for shoulders.

After his last surgery, he wanted to speed up the rehabilitation process and found nothing available that could reproduce the sensations the he felt during physical therapy.  He said that doctors and therapists encouraged him to patent the device after they saw what it did.

The device increases the shoulder’s range of motion by passively stretching the shoulder’s internal and external rotation.  Kay said it increases the shoulder’s flexibility for sport-specific activities and can effectively warm up the shoulder before sporting events.

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–Kym Klass

Note:  this article appeared in the Montgomery Advertiser on November 27, 2007 – the link to the original is no longer active

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About Chris Melton

Chris Melton is an entrepreneur (Joint Mechanix, LLC) and the head evangelist for the Rotater ... a shoulder rehab and performance tool used by physical therapists, athletic trainers, athletes and proactive shoulder rehab patients. You can find Chris on Google+ and Twitter.

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