The Patented Original Rotater:  the #1 Shoulder Rehab, Prehab and Stretching Tool – $59.97

The Original Rotater

The Original Rotater


Price: $59.97

The Original Rotater was developed to help the inventor, Scott Kay, rehab his shoulder.  Scott suffered tremendous shoulder damage and required extensive surgical repair.  His prototype Rotater provided a way to increase Scott’s internal rotation, external rotation, range of motion and shoulder flexibility – PLUS – the Rotater allowed Scott to become an active participant in his shoulder rehabilitation program.

The Original Rotater comes with:

  • an adjustable wrist strap
  • an instruction sheet (with illustrations)
  • an instructional DVD that will demonstrate how to adjust the Rotater to your arm length, how to stretch your shoulder internally and externally and how to use the Strong Arm attachment
  • … and NOW INCLUDES our Strong Arm attachment

The Rotater is easy to use, portable and allows you to safely stretch your shoulder joint properly and effectively. The Rotater is being used by:

  • physical therapists
  • athletic trainers
  • shoulder rehab patients
  • breast cancer survivors
  • people with rotator cuff injuries
  • post-surgical shoulder patients
  • professional and amateur athletes (football, baseball, golf, tennis, volleyball, softball, swimming, water polo, wrestling, motorcycle racing and more!)
  • proactive people – just like YOU!

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