Shoulder Rehab Stories from Real People …Just Like YOU !!

The Rotater Testimonials - our clients speakAre you wondering if the Rotater will help you rehab your shoulder?  Will the Rotater increase your shoulder mobility?  Don’t take our word … Our clients are happy to share their shoulder rehab stories … These are all “real” people who are willing to tell the world how the Rotater has helped them. NO ONE WAS PAID IN ANY WAY FOR THEIR TESTIMONIAL! Disclosure: some people were provided free Rotaters for evaluation…their testimonials were voluntary as well.

Key Rotator Cuff Stretches

“…I give this tool an A+ as it is easy to use which increases compliance, it helps support good technique with some key rotator cuff stretches and it is cost effective.”  read more

Mark Davies DC, CCSP, CCN, RN

From Shoulder Injury to Playing Sports Again

“…At the end of phase 1 of my rehab protocol I started using the ROTATER. It helped me maintain my stretching so that I could progress faster at PT…”  read more

Bob Young – Pharmacist

Rotator Cuff Tear, Shoulder Impingement and the ROTATER

“…During my rehab, the PT constantly commented about the quick progress I was making. At 12 weeks he said my range of motion was better than sees for most people at 16 weeks. I’m sure the pre and post surgical use of The ROTATER with the PT’s guidance was a factor in the speed of my recovery…”  read more

John Dachauer

Shoulder Stretching with the Thinking Strongman

“… I fell in love with it, I think five years ago …”  see the video

Bob Wanamaker – The Thinking Strongman

Shoulder Pain is a Thing of the Past

“… I saw the ROTATER advertised on the internet and bought one. I used it every day and after three weeks the pain started to go away and I started to greatly increase the internal and external rotation of may arms ….”  read more

John Montgomery

How to Beat Frozen Shoulder with the ROTATER

“…Don allowed me to “borrow” one of his ROTATERS throughout my month of therapy. He was very impressed with my progress and …”  read more

Starlet Lemon

How to Beat Repetitive Shoulder Motion

“I do see a benefit with using the ROTATER. As a result of practicing chiropractic for almost 30 years I feel a need to stretch in such a way that I can counteract the repetitive use and position that my shoulders are in as a result of working on patients…”  read more

Gregory P Schreder DC

Successful Shoulder Rehab With the ROTATER

“…We use the ROTATER and like it. A very nice adjunct/component part to add to successful shoulder rehab…”  read more

Stephen Leppard, PT, OMPT, CSCS

Shoulder Stretch – Safe and Comfortable

“The Rotater has allowed my patients to provide a safe, comfortable self-stretch for both IR and ER..”  read more

Karl Kolbeck, PT, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT

Stroke, Frozen Shoulder and the ROTATER

“…My therapist loved it and was going to order some for the rehab center. I ended up giving to friend who had same issues with shoulder. I highly recommend the “ROTATER”.  read more

Jennifer Cirbus

Sleeping With Shoulder Pain

“…Thank you so very much for making something so simple yet effective for rehab and pain maintenance of the shoulder. If you come up with one for the sciatic nerve I want one!”  read more

Susan Proffitt

Protect Your Shoulders … Here’s How

“… I have always been on the lookout for any device or technique that might help me….Well, I found a great one with the Rotater. This simple device has allowed me to both stretch and strengthen my shoulders and to continue weight training, swimming and just having less pain and stiffness on a daily basis. I highly recommend it to anyone with similar issues, it really has worked wonders for me…”  read more

Steve Corso – Sayville, New York

Escape Shoulder Impingement Pain

“…When I ordered the Rotater, I got great service from this company – with much personal concern and friendliness. But the best part is the health journey I started by reading their fabulous FaceBook posts.”  read more

A.G. Austin, TX

How to Avoid Shoulder Surgery

“It saved me from shoulder surgery. I was doing behind the back shoulder presses in the weight room and probably tore my rotator/supporting muscle group in some form….I used your product and pain/soreness went away over a 3 month regimen….”  read more

Peter H. Smith

Shoulder Rehab Tool Credited for Recovery

“… to your question is that the Rotater was an enormous aid in my shoulder rehabilitation! Without it, I’m certain that I would not have gotten back as much of my external & internal rotation as I have.

No other exercise or exercise aid (band, door jamb, piece of broom stick, etc.) that my physical therapists had to offer could move my arm into the positions I needed to get into and leverage against in order to stretch my right shoulder like the Rotater…”  read more

Betty Cerro

External Rotation for Golfers

“…After working repeatedly over a period of weeks he gained about 20-30 degrees of external rotation on that shoulder allowing him a much better plane in his swing. As a result of the improvement his play went through the roof and he was able to land a scholarship to play at Texas A&M next fall…”  read more

Dan Winget

Frozen Shoulder … “is remarkably better since using the Rotater”

“I am doing well, and my shoulder’s condition is remarkably better since using the Rotater. For unknown reasons, I had developed a particularly debilitating case of frozen shoulder. Months of previous rehabilitation movements produced little gains in restoring my shoulder to normal range of motion or strength…”  read more

Bob Horton

Shoulder Rehab … Don’t Give Up !

“After 4 major shoulder traumas spanning 25 years, open shoulder surgery, and incomplete shoulder rehabilitation, I was resigned to accept my shoulder immobility as a permanent condition.

Then I discovered the Rotater! At this point I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try so I placed the order. That order turned out to be one of the best purchases of my life!…”  read more

Dan Hart

Help for Frozen Shoulder

“…One of the things that is great about the Rotater is the convenience. During my therapy I would bring the device with me to work and take breaks and do some of the exercises. Also, during my month of therapy I had to travel out of town for a couple of weekends and I carried the Rotater with me…”  read more

Starlet Lemon

Pitchers, GIRD and Other Shoulder Mobility Issues

“… The Rotater provides an inexpensive and practical way to efficiently eliminate GIRD and other shoulder mobility issues. My physical therapy staff and my pitchers use it every day, and we all love it…”  read more

Randy Sullivan – Physical Therapist & Baseball Coach at The Armory Power Pitching Academy

What’s Your Favorite Shoulder Tool ?

“… I am a trainer who has been training for 20 years and bought your product to use with my clients and let them “feel” what a correct stretch should feel like. Once they understand better what they should be feeling it’s easier to teach them corrective strategies for rehab or keep them loose …”  read more

Mark LaMorie – Licensed Massage Therapist

” shoulder is pain free … ” – thanks to the Rotater

“… I am amazed at how well the Rotater works. It is such a simple tool that allows the entire shoulder and supporting tissue to stretch properly…”  read more

Joel Elston – Joel Elston Life, Health and Recovery Coaching

3 Shoulder Rehab Tool Testimonials PLUS Freebies

“The Rotater is easy to use and very mobile. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to develop and maintain good shoulder health.”

Kenneth Pitts – MS, CSCS, CES, LMT

“(the) Rotater is excellent for stretching very important muscles of the shoulder complex. As an AIS therapist I highly recommend this simple and effective tool to help enhance release of soft tissues around the rotator cuff, which is an essential element of a healthy shoulder.”

Celio “Ty” Silva

Certified Personal Trainer FMS, AIS Certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist Massage Therapy Instructor

“I purchased a Rotater 2 years ago at the FCA, and I have been very impressed! We have had some great success in increasing shoulder flexibility and stability in our patients when using this tool. From pre and post surgical treatment, to improving athletic performance, the Rotater has enabled us to offer more complete treatment of shoulder issues.”

Phil Afghani, DC Atlantic Chiropractic and Wellness Center

The Rotater Responsible for Faster Shoulder Surgery Recovery ?

“Just an update for you. I had surgery for two torn, detached rotator cuff tendons on June 13th. … I began the slow process of therapy 6 weeks later. About the end of July I purchased The Rotater. While I have no proof, I believe The Rotater is responsible for my accelerated recovery…”  read more

Joe Hasenauer

Pitching Coach says – The Rotater WORKS !!

“… I’m constantly educating myself and players of the importance of preventative rehab protocols and forever searching for innovative methods to limit the risks for career ending arm injuries.   Once, I had the opportunity to try The Rotater, I was blown away at the its simplicity and effectiveness…” – read more

Lantz Wheeler –

Doctor Recommends Shoulder Rehab Tool

“… I am convinced that without my rigorous rehab, I was destined for shoulder surgery.  My total rehab time was about 2 months.  Shoulder surgery would have kept me off the tennis court for at least 4 to 6 months.  I am very pleased with your product.  I would recommend your product to anyone suffering from shoulder pain with the one caveat that they receive clearance from their physician that stretching would benefit their shoulder pain.  Keep up the good work.” – read more

Carlos Guerra, Jr., M.D., P.A.

4 Years, 2 Rotator Cuff Surgeries and 2 Rotaters .. a Shoulder Rehab Testimonial

“…During the last four years, I let several friends borrow The Rotater because they had similar surgeries, and I lost track of it. One can imagine my dismay when I tore a tendon in my right shoulder and had rotator cuff surgery on September 18, 2012, and could not locate The Rotater. Knowing how much it helped me with my first recovery, I have ordered another one; that’s how much I believe in it!”  read more

Larry Headrick

“BAD GUY” Recommends the Rotater for Shoulder Injury Recovery

“…The Rotater was indispensable in keeping my shoulder strong and functional despite my compromised state.  However, I’m an action actor, and my job depends on me being In top shape.  So, I had surgery to correct the injuries before I further injured myself working. Or worse, injure someone else because I’m not in top shape.  And again, The Rotater was incremental in my recovery and rehab, getting me back to 100% in record time…”  read more

Carl Van Action Actor

Battling Frozen Shoulder? You Have Options 

“…Thank heavens for my discovery of The Rotater. In therapy, the trained therapist could manipulate my arm to keep/increase rotation but on my own I wasn’t able to do that very well at all. Therapy, at $80/session, was getting expensive yet I knew I needed to keep up the rotational manipulation so that when the “thawing” began I would still have retained as much shoulder/arm function as possible…”  read more

T. D. – Paradise, California

All-American Swimmer Uses the Rotater

“…That is why I trust the Rotater from the first day that I used it. If you’re not using this then you’re really not using the best thing for your shoulders.”  read more

Karl Bernard Krug IV – 9 time All American swimmer, U.S. Open Champion 50 meter Freestyle

Shoulder Impingement Relief with the Rotater

“… I needed help so I looked online, found “The Rotater”and ordered it. It helped greatly to improve my range of motion & kept the shoulder from becoming “frozen”. I now have regained all but a tiny bit of my range of motion …”  read more

Carol Kellett

The Rotater Accelerated My Recovery from Shoulder Surgery

“… The most difficult aspect of trying to perform physical therapy at home (without a therapist) is mimicking the intensity of the stretching that can be accomplished when a therapist is physically manipulating the injured body part. The Rotater did just that. I believe that the Rotater provided the same stretching intensity as a “hands on” session with my therapist. In fact, there were a few movements where I found that I could stretch more aggressively using the Rotater than while at PT …”  read more

Vince Heidenreich

Shoulder Rehab and Performance Tool has been Amazing

“… I would recommend this tool be added to anyone looking to reduce the risk of injury and, of course, increase strength and balance in the body. Bench press, pull ups, rows, or anything requiring movement in the shoulder all require accurate movement of the shoulder joint. Preserve your health and maintain your shoulder and over all strength by picking up a Rotater. I use mine daily and have had amazing results and feel more “open” over all.”  read more


Wild Claims About the Rotater Shoulder Rehab and Performance Tool !!

“… I decided to give The Rotater a try, hoping to increase flexibility (and strength) in my rotator cuff. After regularly using The Rotater, I’m happy to say that my shoulders are FINALLY starting to feel better! My range of motion is better, I have very little pain where I had it before, and I’m actually getting stronger in my other lifts and my sport. I’m definitely a happy client! …”  read more

Joe Cannarella

Tennis Pro says .. No Better Way to Stretch the Shoulder

“…I believe your Rotater will help any tennis player stretch and regain the range of motion to keep their shoulder healthy and strong. I plan on really working my shoulder with The Rotater over the next few weeks to see how much range of motion I can regain. I may even get another Rotater for my students to try so they can purchase one if they like it. I have not seen a better way to stretch the shoulder or warmup the shoulder before a match or practice session.”  read more

Brent Zimmerman – Tennis Professional

I Gave My Rotater to My Physical Therapist

“…I am 72 years old, very active and feel that the ROTATER helped me greatly, since I was no longer able to go to therapy during my summer travels. I go to the gym three days a week, enjoy doing Bikram hot yoga once a week, use my wts and bands as instructed, and have no residual discomfort in my shoulder. I DO have concerns about my other shoulder, but, use it with care…”  read more

Annette Zadnik – retired RN

Rotator Cuff Rehab Success

“…i am now 100 percent recovered from the rotater cuff surgery and rehab, and teach a crossfit class. i do handstand work, handstand walks. olympic lifts, ring training, etc, and my left shoulder which was operated on is as good as gold. well worth the sacrifice of pain and surgery, and the Rotater was a very handy tool, used often and properly.”  read more

Royce Williams

Thanks to Rotator Cuff Rehab Tool, I Can Play With My Grandkids

“…To this day I still use the Rotater to help strengthen my muscles in both arms. It has been 2 yrs. now and I have full motion in my shoulder and I am able to go out and play sports with my grandkids….Thank you for the Rotater. It really does help.”  read more

Doug Crawford

Rotator Cuff Tool Used Everyday

“I use the Rotater everyday for my shoulder and for stretching , OMG how it has helped me is beyond my expectations…”  read more

Anthony Triano – Fan for Life

Chronic Shoulder Pain Decreases

“…From the first day I started using your product the tightness and chronic soreness in my right shoulder started to decrease. I currently have more more flexibility, and far less pain if any at all, in my right shoulder than I had years ago…”  read more

Vance DeBruine, M.S. East Moline, Illinois

Rotator Cuff Tool Helps StrongMan Recover from Shoulder Injury

“…but the Rotater is actually fun to use. It allows you to hit every conceivable angle with simple adjustments. I would recommend this tool for serious trainers and therapists alike.”  read more

Dan Cenidoza, CSCS, RKC Professional Strongman

The World’s Strongest Redneck Uses the Rotater

“The Rotator is a great product! I use it for rehab and warming up shoulders. The Rotator is prefect for lifetime fitness of the shoulder or for the weekend golfer. Follow Chris’ program and bye bye pain. Thank you Chris for this great invention.” read more

Steve McGranahan – The World’s Strongest Redneck

Shoulder Tool Perfect for Home Based Rehab

“…There comes a time in life when the creativity of a few – helps the many. This is what Joint Mechanix, LLC has done. The Rotator will help to maximize shoulder performance for many athletes and patients – providing the intricate balance between the science and the art of conditioning and reconditioning of an athlete/patient that is so imperative for a successful outcome…”  read more

Dr. Enrico N. Esposito – DC, BA, EMT, MSS, ATC, CSCS

Guaranteed … 100%

“Just had to let you know what a great company this is. I ordered the Rotater and it came really quickly. As it turned out my injury was not one that would benefit from using the product….but I must say they were so nice. I contacted them and they told me..”no problem”…wished me luck with my shoulder re hab and promptly refunded my ENTIRE amount immediately. If you have any doubts about giving them a try, have no doubts! If every company on the internet did business this way it would be so refreshing. I cannot say enough good things about them.”

Grace Smith

How to Regain Shoulder Range of Motion

“..hey guys sent you an email off your website, not sure if it went thru…..anyway, a video of my shouders working 100% @ 60 yrs. old thanks to the Rotater …, what great news ! ……what I did forget to mention was that the people who train in my “home gym” are also big Rotater fans…”  read more

Patrick Susco – Brooklyn, N.Y.

Triathlete Increases Shoulder Range of Motion

“…using the Rotater I have been able to increase my Range of Motion in my shoulder and increased blood flow to muscles that have atrophy…”  read more

Paul Dumm

Shoulder Tool “Wows” PGA Tour Trainer

“…As a pro athlete and trainer to other pro athletes. I have a lot of training stuff come my way. This is one of the best well thought-out devises I have ever used…”  read more

Gerry James PGA Professional 2X World Long Drive Champion PGA Tour Trainer

Chiropractor Recommends the Rotater

“The Rotater is a great piece of in office and home exercise equipment. I recommend it to just about every shoulder pathology patient that comes in my office. Very effective following active release and almost cuts rehab times in half!”.

Michael Tancredi –

Chiropractor Villanova University and served as chiropractor for Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies, Active Release Technique Instructor, former Certified Athletic Trainer

The Rotater Needs a “Love It” Button

“It’s things like The Rotater that make me wish there was a “love it” button. I have had three surgeries on my shoulder and nothing seemed to help. PT had it’s limits – at least my therapist did so I set out in search of something I could do at home. Since The Rotater, although I don’t have it all back (yet) my range of motion has increased significantly! It is worth every penny!”

Jon Tyre – from the Rotater Facebook Page

The Rotater – A Godsend After Rotator Cuff Surgery

“The rotater was a god send to me after my rotator cuff surgery. I had a complete tear and being 60 yrs. old recovered so much faster than my physical therapist projected. He asked me what I did and I showed him the Rotater. He was impressed and I think I got you another customer.”

James Benefiel – from the Rotater Facebook Page

Shoulder Rehab After Bankhart Surgery

“…So far tho I’m super pleased with it. I think I’m going to use it on my good side too so I don’t get a popeye looking arm one one side and keep them equal. Thanks for making the Rotater and following up with ur customers. I do the same in my business, I think it makes the difference between a shopper and a loyal customer.”  read the rest

Derek Winship

325 lbs on Incline Bench – No Aching!

“I have still been using the rotater and I think im a believer. I got under 325 on incline for three reps with out my shoulders clicking or aching after thank you thank you thank you.”

Robert Casey – from Facebook

Shoulder Pain Patients Regain Full Range of Motion

“I love The Rotator for its ability to have the patient perform the complex motions necessary to regain full ROM and use of the shoulder joint complex post surgery.  I have used this successfully on myself and many of my patients…” read more about the Rotater and shoulder pain

Dr. Steven M. Green NOVA Headache and Chronic Pain Center

Swimming Without Shoulder Pain

“…The Rotater immediately helped me stretch and strenghten my shoulders in a safe and controlled manner. Following the instructions provided with the product, I began to notice increased strength and mobility and confidence too…” read Andy’s entire Rotater testimonial

Andy Cassell, age 47, swimmer Boynton Beach, FL

Labral Tear Rehab with the Rotater

“…After trying therapy, I still had very little range of motion.    I bought the Rotater online, and after about a week, my range of motion increased significantly…”  read more

John  R. Wilson Piedmont, AL

Tennis Player Beats Adhesive Capsulitis

“…I was diagnosed with Adhesive Capsulitis and only 50-60% of normal external and internal rotation.  Using the Rotater daily and combined with physical therapy I have progressed to 100% external rotation and 95% internal rotation in less than nine weeks.  I have no pain and am back to playing tennis….” read more

Don Elswick – Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Editor of The Healthy Minute is thankful for the Rotater

“…After doing the stretching exercises the very first day, I noticed that my shoulder really felt better. I was shocked. You see, I was pretty skeptical that this “contraption” would really be able to help me…” read the rest

Pete Genot www.TheHealthyMinute

World Class Athletic Performance Coach Impressed with the Rotater

“…The Rotater allows for unlimited angles to stretch, mobilize and strengthening the joint and muscles around the shoulder to maintain its movement and integrity…” – read more

Doug Fioranelli Rise Above Performance Training

Fitness Expert Recommends Shoulder Tool

“…I have been using the Rotater with good results for a variety of my clients. From an my All American triathlete who is recovering from shoulder surgery to a 70 year old tennis player, to a bodybuilding client…” – read the rest of Paul Frediani’s testinomial

Paul Frediani Master Trainer JCC, New York City

Fitness Professional and Best-selling Author, Joey Atlas’ thoughts on the Rotater

“…over the years I’ve been asked to evaluate many products and devices. Many have been ‘ok’ and a few have been great. I have to categorize the Rotater as awesome, plain and simple… And here’s why…” read Joey’s complete Rotater testimonial

Joey Atlas

Shoulder Rehab for a Powerlifter

“…The Rotater is awesome.. really gave me the strength and (courage) to press on with my training.. Very easy to use and works!.. Im about 90% now..(its only been about 4 months) and no pain and my shoulder feels much stronger than it ever has…” – read more

Warren Moore – Powerlifter and customer for life

Shoulder Rehab Patient Exceeds PT’s Expectations

“…I stumbled across your website and proceeded to make my own version of the Rotater. Having only one good arm, it didn’t come out so good. I ordered your product and in the past 4 months I have surpassed my therapist expectations. He “released” me on Dec. 30, 09…” – read more

Dave Hurlbut Bristol, CT.

I’m 68 and Love the Rotater

“…I started using the Rotater about 6 weeks ago and can’t believe how it has improved my range of motion in my shoulders…” read more

Chris Hastings – Hoover, Alabama

Another Rotater Success Story

“…First off, the Rotater, like all great ideas, is so simple you wonder why you didn’t invent it yourself. The device in basic terms is used to help people recover from shoulder injuries and or rotator cuff issues…” – read the rest

Michael James

Mike T. Nelson Reviews the Rotater

“…I was surprised to find that it was easy to use (if you read the instructions), construction was good, and the best part was that it allowed athletes/clients to use much better form on many standard rotator exercises…” – read more

Michael T. Nelson MS PhD(c), CSCS, RKC Z Health Master Trainer

Shoulder Flexibility for Powerlifters?

“I must say that the simplicity of the tool almost lends itself to skepticism but one try and any athlete will appreciate the benefit of the stretch. It’s so simple but effective. I use it all the time to relieve the shoulder stress of bench pressing and after seeing how effective it is I have introduced other lifters to it as well…” – read more from a Powerlifing Hall of Famer

Mike Bridges 18 time National Champion & 14 time World Champion Powerlifter

The Strength Doctor Prescribes the Rotater

“The Rotater is a great piece of equipment for anyone looking to rehab or strengthen their shoulders…” – read more about the Rotater

Tim Hull, PTA, LMT

Zach Even – Esh talks about the Rotater

“Without a doubt, The Rotater should be part of every athlete’s shoulder prehab and health program.” – read the complete Zach Even-Esh testimonial

Zach Even – Esh

Golfer takes the Rotater to the Course

“When I first received The Rotater I was skeptical. It didn’t look like anything fancy or the next best thing to help my shoulder, but after watching the videos and learning the stretches, The Rotater now hangs near my bed for stretches first thing in the morning and it rides with me to the course for 20 minutes of stretching prior to hitting balls.” – read why this golfer is “sold” on the Rotater

Brad Clardy, avid golfer (click here to learn more about Brad)

Skier says – the Rotater works great!

“…The top of the humerus was shattered the head was broken off as and both tuberosities were broken….My most difficult ROM is internal rotation and part of the reason is it is very difficult to stretch in that direction without assistance. The Rotater works great for that stretch!..” – read Jeff’s shoulder story

Jeff Roy

Certified personal trainer gets results with the Rotater

“I am absolutely amazed with the effectiveness of the Rotater. My client no longer has pain or discomfort in his shoulder, is performing shoulder presses, lat pulldowns, and will NOT require seeing a specialist…” – read how this trainer helped his client’s shoulder

Chris Sellards – CPT, CES, PES

Golfer Improves Shoulder Flexibility with the Rotater

“…I’ve been using the Rotater nearly everyday now and my shoulder flexibility has improved and is greater than before the shoulder surgery. As a golfer this is important for generating distance and control.” – read the rest

Bill Raines – Kennedy Space Center, NASA

Shoulder Tool is Effective for Gaining Range of Motion

“… We have a large number of shoulder surgical cases, and we have found it (the Rotater) to be an effective way to assist in gaining shoulder ROM (range of motion) for External and Internal rotation.” – continue reading why Pts & ATCs recommend the Rotater for their patients and athletes

Jim Nespor PT / ATC

Physical Therapy (aka Cyclone Sports Medicine)

Iowa State University 132 Lied Recreation Center

Ames, IA. 50011

Phone 515-294-2626 Fax 515-294-2794

Golfer says, “The Rotater adds distance”

“…I recommend the Rotater to any golfer or athlete whether they are professional or amateur.” – read why Glen believes in the Rotater

Glen Taylor, 10 handicap

Baseball Strength Coach Believes in the Rotater

“I can not imagine a ballplayer at any level not seeing the immediate value in this tool within the first minute of use.” – read the rest of this baseball experts’ thoughts about the Rotater

Coach Dan Huff, CSCS

A Valuable Tool for Every Baseball Pitcher

“…the easy to use Rotater now allows me to teach patients a simple and very effective way to perform self-stretching routines. Furthermore, I can now send them home with a device, and feel confident that they will continue to stretch in an appropriate manner…In addition, I believe that The Rotater would be a valuable tool to keep in the bag of every baseball pitcher. It would be a great adjunct to warmup and cooldown routines.” – read more from this sports injury rehab specialist

Kenneth T. Cieslak, DC, ATC, CSCS

Doctor of Chiropractic/ Sports Injury Rehabilitation

61 E. Main Street Bogota, NJ 07603


Baseball Coach Praises Shoulder Stretching Device

“The Rotater has exceeded all expectations…I strongly recommend it to all sports medicine professionals and sports teams, at all levels, looking to safely enhance performance.” – find out why The Rotater exceeded this coach’s expectations

Steve Forestieri

Health and Exercise Science Educator Founder – National Health and Exercise Science Association

( NHESA ) Baseball Coach/Training Specialist

Athletic Trainer Amazed with Rotator Cuff Stretching Device

“…I was fascinated by how this device (the Rotater) could provide such a good stretch of the rotator cuff… being a former baseball pitcher, found that it provided a quality stretch in which the athlete or person using it could determine how much or how little of a stretch they wanted.” – read more about this trainer’s fascination with this shoulder stretching device

Jonathan D. Drisko, ATC, LAT

Head Athletic Trainer Algonquin Regional High School

Senior Baseball Player / Expert in Sports Medicine Uses Shoulder Stretching Device

“As a 20+ year player in The Mens Senior Baseball League and someone with a background in Sports Medicine I can attest to the benefit of using the Rotater in a comprehensive shoulder stretching program.” – continue reading about shoulder stretching for baseball

H. Robert Perez, Ph.D

Human Performance Lab Adelphi University

Rehab Device Duplicates Physical Therapy Stretches

“When I went to see the surgeon for a post visit he was also amazed at how quickly I had regained the use of my shoulder. I was able to go back to full duty two months ahead of his projected schedule.” – read more about his post-op shoulder rehab

Officer D. Pesko

Shoulder Stretching is Daily Routine for PGA Pro

“The Rotater” has become as much a part of my morning as my cup of coffee.” – read more about this PGA professionals’ shoulder stretching program

Perry R. Green

Director of Instruction Director of Golf Operation

The Golf Club at Wescott Plantation

Neuromuscular Therapist makes Shoulder Rehab Device part of Shoulder Program

“…the Rotater is the simplest yet most effective shoulder tool I have seen in 15 years of dealing with chronic pain. My clients thank you.” – read more about this effective shoulder rehab device

Paul Ruth, NMT

Shoulder Stretching Device Provides a Full Shoulder Turn

“…After my “Rotater” program started, I experienced significant improvement in my shoulder movement and now I can actually get a full shoulder turn (without pain).” – read more about increasing your shoulder flexibility

Ed Wallace (a very happy customer)

Rausch Physical Therapy Recommends the Rotater

“The Rotater itself has proved invaluable to my patients’ shoulders and their subsequent recovery. It has been used for a variety of overuse, sports, orthopedic, and post-surgical conditions to date, and on a large group of patients as well. Everyone from grandma with adhesive capsulitis to the major league baseball pitcher has reaped its benefits, and I look forward to many more.” – read more of this physical therapy clinic owner’s thoughts about this shoulder rehab device

Kevin Rausch, MPT, CSCS

Rausch Physical Therapy, INC.

Breast Cancer Survivor Impressed with Shoulder Rehab and Stretching Device

“The Rotater is awesome, it really stretches out my shoulder….” – read the rest of this breast cancer survivors’ shoulder stretching experience with the Rotater

Jane Ali 2 year breast cancer survivor

Co-Founder of Marathon of Miracles Foundation

Long Driver Increases Shoulder Flexibility and Loses Shoulder Pain

“So the Range of motion increase and the flexibility was noticeable to me. I’ve also had less soreness in the shoulder where my old football shoulder separation was.” – read how this long drive pro increased his shoulder flexibility

Bob Orr, Long Drive Consultant

Shoulder Rehab Device Proves Effective for Adhesive Capsulitis Patients

“My recommendation is that outpatient orthopedic clinics should have the Rotator as an everyday tool for restricted shoulders just as they would have a set of pulleys and arm bike. I believe it will remain as a main stay tool for shoulder rehabilitation in our profession.” – read the rest of this expert’s opinion of this shoulder rehab and stretching device

Julie Barnett PT, DPT, MTC

Director of Physical Therapy for Annette M. Zaharoff MD

Adjunct Faculty University of Texas Health Science Center Physical Therapy Dept

Shoulder Rehab Tool Puts Senior Golf Pro back on the Links

“…My range of motion has improved immensely and I use it on both shoulders, even though only the right one was injured. My Doc loves this thing because it causes the shoulder to move correctly in the directions necessary for the correct exercises…” – read more about this golfer’s shoulder rehab

Dusty O’Tyrrell

Senior Professional Golfer

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Death Valley , California 92328

“..the Rotater is the easiest and most effective product I have seen..”

“By using the Rotater for only a few minutes a day, stretching my shoulder both internally and externally, I have been able to see a measurable difference in the range of motion in my shoulder. This has transferred over to a wider, more efficient and more powerful turn in my golf swing.” – read the rest of this PGA professionals’ thoughts on shoulder flexibility

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Shoulder rehab tool “is like having an extra pair of hands”

“…therapist, patients and families are pleased with the results – the orthopedists will be also when check-up time comes. Thank you for your great tool!” – read this physical therapists’ account of the Rotater

Jane Davis, PT

Athletic trainer welcomes shoulder stretching device

“The nicest thing about the Rotater is that the athlete has total control of the stretch. Instead of me constantly asking if they were getting a good stretch, they can feel it and control it themselves.” – read this of this athletic trainers’ shoulder stretching advice

Tamara Copes, M.S, ATC, LAT

Physical Therapist says, “the Rotater is more effective than doorway & towel stretches”

It does a better job at isolating than anything I have come across and when it comes to shoulder impingement…” – learn how the Rotater can benefit your shoulder

Justin Spooner, MSPT

Shoulder Rehab Device Helps Golfer Return to the Links

“I have been meaning to send you guys a message because your product is amazing!..” – discover why the Rotater is so amazing

2003 – 2005 UC Davis NCAA Div I Cyclist (Category A)

Brent Crangle

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Shoulder Rehab Device Becomes Part of Flexibility Program

“Using the “Rotater” on a regular basis has had a positive effect on my recovery from adhesive capsulitis.” – read why the Rotater should be a part of your shoulder flexibilty program

Thanks, Don Gronachan

Grandmother recommends shoulder rehab device

“I have tried this product for 5 weeks twice a day or more. It has made immeasurable improvement with the movement in my arms and shoulders…” – continue reading this grandmothers’ story

Joann Melton, retired grandmother


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