Shoulder Injury Prevention is MORE Affordable than Shoulder Repair

It’s only fair to share …FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinPrintEmailAn Ounce of Prevention…and Your Shoulder will “Thank You” There is a common saying that states, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” or something to that effect. The point being that it is much easier and less costly (physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, etc.) to address a […]

Shoulder Workout with Logs, Chains, Ropes etc.

It’s only fair to share …FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinPrintEmailWorkouts don’t have to be fancy … or in climate controlled facilities … and they don’t require high-dollar equipment.  Personally, I like to workout in my basement or … better still … outside. Find something heavy and pick it up, push it overhead, carry it or pull it … doesn’t […]

Crossbred Overhead Press Hits Your Shoulders … Hard !

It’s only fair to share …FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinPrintEmailWhat do you get when you cross the overhead dumbbell press with a lateral raise???  Yep … it’s a monster shoulder exercise called the Dumbbell “Y” Press. Here’s how .. take 2 dumbbells and press overhead.  BUT, not directly overhead … press them at up and out at a 45 […]

How to Tweak Your Lateral Raises

It’s only fair to share …FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinPrintEmailIf you visit any gym, you’ll see someone doing lateral raises.  Some people do them strictly with lighter weights – which I think if much safer and better for your rotator cuff health.  Some people do their lateral raises with heavy weights and a very herky – jerky movement – […]

How to Make a Great Rotator Cuff Exercise even BETTER

It’s only fair to share …FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinPrintEmailThe Facepull with External Rotation is a great exercise hitting the rear deltoids, rhomboids, infraspinatus and teres minor.  How can you make it better?  Just add the negative (eccentric) component. First, make the exercise a unilateral movement and then perform it as usual … BUT instead of simply returning to […]

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