Crossbred Overhead Press Hits Your Shoulders … Hard !

Great shoulder press variation

It’s only fair to share …FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinPrintEmailWhat do you get when you cross the overhead dumbbell press with a lateral raise???  Yep … it’s a monster shoulder exercise called the Dumbbell “Y” Press. Here’s how .. take 2 dumbbells and press overhead.  BUT, not directly overhead … press them at up and out at a 45 […]

How to Tweak Your Lateral Raises

Adjust your shoulder workout

It’s only fair to share …FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinPrintEmailIf you visit any gym, you’ll see someone doing lateral raises.  Some people do them strictly with lighter weights – which I think if much safer and better for your rotator cuff health.  Some people do their lateral raises with heavy weights and a very herky – jerky movement – […]

How to Make a Great Rotator Cuff Exercise even BETTER

Improving FacePulls with External Rotation

It’s only fair to share …FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinPrintEmailThe Facepull with External Rotation is a great exercise hitting the rear deltoids, rhomboids, infraspinatus and teres minor.  How can you make it better?  Just add the negative (eccentric) component. First, make the exercise a unilateral movement and then perform it as usual … BUT instead of simply returning to […]

Quick Shoulder Warm Up

Are Your Shoulder All Twisted Up?

It’s only fair to share …FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinPrintEmailHow often have you watched someone enter the gym and go straight to the bench press?  No warm up of any kind … just lay down and start pumping out reps.  When I worked out in a public gym, I saw this almost every day.  Granted, it was from younger […]

Ripping Off the Rotater TOP 10

Great Shoulder Rehab and Performance Information

It’s only fair to share …FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinPrintEmail I’m in a hurry, so I’m gonna cheat a little on this blog post and give you a peak at some of the great shoulder rehab and performance information you can get by signing up for our TOP 10 Newsletter. Links to great articles, research and videos for your […]

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