Quick Shoulder Warm Up

Are Your Shoulder All Twisted Up?

How often have you watched someone enter the gym and go straight to the bench press?  No warm up of any kind ... just lay down and start pumping out reps.  When I worked out in a public gym, I saw this almost every day.  Granted, it was from younger guys, but even many of the older lifters did the … [Read more...]

Ripping Off the Rotater TOP 10

Great Shoulder Rehab and Performance Information

I'm in a hurry, so I'm gonna cheat a little on this blog post and give you a peak at some of the great shoulder rehab and performance information you can get by signing up for our TOP 10 Newsletter. Links to great articles, research and videos for your shoulder health 1.  Study suggests changes in … [Read more...]

3 Simple Exercises for Shoulder Mobility and Scapular Stability

Sometimes we overcomplicate things ... and our shoulder health is no different.  We search the internet to find the latest and greatest shoulder exercise, shoulder rehab technique or scapular stability video.  Here are 3 simple shoulder exercises that you can start doing right away. Shoulder … [Read more...]

Shoulder Workout – the non-traditional Approach

Non-traditional Shoulder Workout

What do you think of when someone says "shoulder workout"?  If you're like most people you probably think of: military presses seated dumbbell presses upright rows lateral raises and front raises heavy shrugs .. both dumbbell and barbell versions Get your shoulder freak on Here's … [Read more...]

Bear Crawl and Build Strong Shoulders

Bear Crawls for Shoulder Strength

If you played high school football then you've probably done bear crawls.  Football coaches love 'em because they build strong shoulders and endurance.  Players hate bear crawls 'cause they hurt like crazy.  But they work.  Bear crawls work your: legs ... hamstrings, calves and ankles lungs … [Read more...]


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