Mike Bridges – Powerlifting’s “Living Legend”

Mike Bridges - Powerlifting's "Living Legend"

Mike Bridges – Powerlifting’s “Living Legend”

Mike Bridges is a phenomenon! – and that’s putting it lightly.  Mike entered his first powerlifting competition at 18 – a high school event and placed first.  That’s pretty good.  Later that same year, he set his first International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) world record with a 367 lb. bench press in the 148 lb. division!

An Amazing Champion

At 19, Mike won his first National title and broke his previous world record in the bench press.  From then until 1984, Mike was a dominating force in the world of powerlifting – winning several National and World competitions and setting multiple world records.  In 1984, Mike stepped away from competition.

19 Years Later – The Comeback..

In 2003, Mike decided to return to the world of competitive powerlifting … and he picked up right where he left off.  Competing in the Master Nationals in Baton Rouge, Mike set several IPF World Records and won the meet.  Next, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada he set more World Records and won again!

Back to Open Competition

In 2007 at the age of 50, Mike decided to compete in the Open Nationals in St. Louis, MO.  That meant he’d be competing with powerlifters much younger than him.  He set six World Records on his way to defeating a field of 17 competitors.

Some Career Highlights

  • Oct. 2007, Schwedt, Germany – Mike wins the Master IPF World Bench Press title with a World Record of 512 lbs.
  • March 2008, the first USAAPL/IPF Arnold Classic powerlifting event – Mike wins the Open & Master division with a World Record Squat of 716 lbs.
  • May 2008, Miami – he wins the Master Nationals to qualify for the USA World Team
  • Oct. 2008, Palm Springs, CA – IPF World Meet – 4 gold medals, winning in all categories:  squat, bench press, deadlift & total
  • May 2009, St. Louis, MO – Mike wins the Master Nationals again with a World Record Squat (706), World Record Bench Press (531) and a World Record Total (1843) – Mike purposely weighed in above his normal 205 to compete in the 220 lb. weight class and became the first powerlifter in history to set National & World Records in five weight classes!
  • August 2009 – Mike competed in his first Pan American meet.  Competing in the Open division against the youngest lifters, Mike won 4 gold medals and set 5 World Records, including a 804 lb. squat!
  • To date, Mike has won 18 National & 14 World titles

In December of 2008, Mike was inducted into the IPF Hall of Fame.  Mike continues to train hard, lift huge weights and plans to set more World Records.

And… Mike Bridges Uses the Rotater

“I must say that the simplicity of the tool almost lends itself to skepticism but one try and any athlete will appreciate the benefit of the stretch.  It’s so simple but effective.  I use it all the time to relieve the shoulder stress of bench pressing and after seeing how effective it is I have introduced other lifters to it as well.  A friend of mine recently had shoulder surgery and didn’t think he’d ever be able to bench press competitively again.  He was amazed at how easy it is to use the Rotater and after using it he is convinced that he will recover fully and be competing again soon.

Even without any injury, this tool is a great to stretch the shoulders prior to squatting too.  It allows you to get under the bar much more easily and without pain, even after bench pressing.

One of the best things about this tool is its’ portability.  Being lightweight it is easily packable for traveling or just to carry in your gym bag to have it handy when you (or others) might need it.”

Mike Bridges
18 time National/14 time World Champion Powerlifter

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