The Rotator Cuff Slosh Pipe

We are always testing new shoulder and rotator cuff exercises to help you rehab or prehab your shoulder.  If you’ve been to our Facebook page or Twitter account, then you’re aware of the volume of material we look at in an effort to keep you informed of new / relevant shoulder rehab information.

New Rotator Cuff Rehab and Performance Products

One of the areas we really like to cover is new products for your shoulder … but that’s not all.  We are continually experimenting … developing new products that will help you during your shoulder rehab or increase your shoulder performance.  Here is our latest endeavor:

The Rotater Cuff Slosh Pipe

YouTube Preview Image

The Rotater Cuff Slosh Pipe is pretty simple to make … pvc pipe, a handle and some water… but the action it provides are pretty incredible.  The Rotater Cuff Slosh Pipe provides a constantly shifting load that forces your rotator cuff muscles to continually fire as the load shifts from end to end … the nature of this shifting is such that you can never balance it.

How to Use the Rotater Cuff Slosh Pipe

  • Carry it overhead
  • Press it overhead
  • attach a band at various angles and hold overhead
  • hold it in the 90/90 position
  • press it from a lying position
  • hold it above you from a lying position
  • perform windmills with it
  • perform turkish getups with it

…the possibilities are endless … and that’s what we want you to do.  Build your own Rotater Cuff Slosh Pipe and let us know how you use it.

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Chris Melton is an entrepreneur (Joint Mechanix, LLC) and the head evangelist for the Rotater ... a shoulder rehab and performance tool used by physical therapists, athletic trainers, athletes and proactive shoulder rehab patients. You can find Chris on Google+ and Twitter.

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