Shoulder Stretching Tool Reviewed by Pitching Coach

Dan Blewett, owner of Dan Blewett Sports Performance and Warbird Pitching Academy, recently posted the following video review of the Rotater shoulder stretching tool.  I’ve been reading Dan’s blog for the last few months and can feel his passion for pitching / athletic excellence.  I contacted Dan and asked him if he would be interested in evaluating our shoulder stretching tool.

YouTube Preview Image

Dan notes several things about the Rotater shoulder stretching tool in this video:

  • Shoulder Stretching Safety – it’s safer for an athlete to stretch himself / herself than to rely on a fellow athlete.
  • Immediate Feedback – the athlete feels the stretch
  • Although an excellent shoulder stretching tool for external rotation, most baseball players don’t need more external rotation
  • The Rotater shoulder stretching tool is great for stretching a pitcher’s internal rotation
  • Different than the sleeper stretch .. the pitching arm is in a more natural throwing motion
  • The Rotater is lightweight, sturdy and easy to take with you

Disclaimer:  The Rotater was provided to Dan Blewett at no charge to him, with nothing required on his part.

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Chris Melton is an entrepreneur (Joint Mechanix, LLC) and the head evangelist for the Rotater ... a shoulder rehab and performance tool used by physical therapists, athletic trainers, athletes and proactive shoulder rehab patients. You can find Chris on Google+ and Twitter.

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