External Rotation, Internal Rotation and the “Aha” Moment

It was 2007 and we’d been back from the American Physical Therapists Association annual conference for about four weeks. During this time, we were following up on the contacts that we made while there, shipping “Rotaters” out everyday and remembering how scary and exhilarating the conference was.

Adhesive Capsulitis (aka Frozen Shoulder )

Flashback 2007 – Denver APTA conference: scary & exhilarating

It was scary because this was our first really big convention. The experience was exhilarating because we knew that our product – the Rotater, was going to change the way people perceived stretching their shoulder’s internal and external rotation.

Fantastic people and the “aha” moment

We met some really fantastic people in Denver. Signing in at the convention center was a breeze. Dave, Elizabeth and others made us (we’re down-home southern boys) feel right at home and literally walked us through the complete process. While there, we met some other exhibitors who took the time to explain how things were done, what to expect, who we needed to meet and give us some great advice. My thanks go out to:

But without a doubt, the highlight for us, was watching many of the conference participants experience the “aha” moment when they tried the Rotater for themselves.

There’s just nothing like that smile you see appear on someone’s face when they realize they can stretch their shoulders without help.

Strolling questions

Typically, the conference attendees would stroll around the exhibitors booths during their breaks and after formal classes and seminars had ended. As they passed by our booth, they would look at the Rotater display, then they would stop to gather some of our literature, take a second look at the Rotater and then ask:

  1. What does the Rotater do?
  2. How does the Rotater work?
  3. Who is the Rotater for?
  4. Would you demonstrate the Rotater?
  5. Can I try the Rotater?

What is the Rotater?

It is a shoulder rehabilitation device invented by Scott Kay and called the Rotater.

YouTube Preview Image

What does the Rotater do?

The Rotater provides a way for a patient or an athlete to effectively, efficiently and passively self-stretch their shoulder with or without assistance. By using the Rotater at home, a patient can participate in and may accelerate their rehabilitation process.

How does the Rotater work?

The Rotater captures the elbow while at the same time positioning the arm in the proper orientation relative to the shoulder. This positioning of the arm and shoulder provides the optimal platform for correctly and effectively stretching the shoulder. External rotation, internal rotation and range of motion can all be increased by using the Rotater. See how this shoulder rehab device can help you.

Who can use the Rotater?

Initially, we knew that the Rotater would be great for almost anyone going through shoulder rehabilitation, but athletes have also discovered the benefits of using the Rotater to stretch their own shoulders. This stretching can be extremely effective for athletes who participate in, baseball, softball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, golf, raquettball, weightlifting and any other sport where the shoulder should be stretched and warmed-up prior to or following competition or practice.

To quote one golf expert, “It’s the two minute solution to power, flexibility and distance for golfers.”

Would you demonstrate the Rotater?

Because of the Rotater’s basic and simple design (it has no moving parts), people tend to discount it’s effectiveness. However, upon viewing a demonstration, most observers begin to see a hint of the Rotater’s potential and this inspires them to ask:

Can I try the Rotater?

The initial setup for stretching the shoulder externally takes only seconds. At this point, the person who is trying the Rotater takes over and begins to apply self-controlled force to their own shoulders. Phrases like:

  • “This is great”
  • “Wonderful”
  • “I can’t believe how well this works”
  • “This is amazing”

…soon follow.

Then, they want to try the Rotater for stretching the shoulder internally. Because of the difficulty (prior to the Rotater) in effectively stretching the shoulder internally, most people (ie, physical therapists, athletic trainers, physicians and surgeons) are skeptical of the Rotater’s claim.

BUT, their skepticism doesn’t last long.

Again, the setup for stretching the shoulder internally takes only seconds and the pseudo-patient is applying self-controlled force to their own shoulders, internally.

In the past, the only way “effectively” stretch internally involved a therapist’s help, SO, most people are caught off guard when they feel how easily and efficiently their shoulder is being stretched and the “aha” moment occurs.

In Denver, we saw it over and over again. Everywhere we go, physical therapists, doctors, surgeons, athletic trainers and athletes are experiencing the “aha” moment. It is pure joy to watch.

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