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“Who is Pete Genot?”

  • the Founder and Editor of The Healthy Minute…a free on-line newsletter publishing the latest breakthroughs in the health industry
  • Pete is a former college football player
  • He has earned both Bachelors and Masters degrees from The University of Toledo
  • He’s an avid a motorcycle rider

“Here are my thoughts…

Motorcycle rider recovers thanks to the Rotater

  1. I’m sure glad you included the video…I think I would have been lost if I just had to follow the diagrams on the instruction sheet.
  2. After a few days of watching the videos and following along with the exercises, I was able catch on. They were very easy to learn and can be done in less than 15 minutes per day.
  3. I have been using The Rotater along with the Strong-arm Attachment for the past 30 days, and I couldn’t be happier!

I injured my right shoulder over a year and a half ago in a bad motorcycle accident. I was traveling on the highway at 60 mph when some debris in the road caused my motorcycle to throw me over the handlebars.  I flew thru the air head-over-heals, and the initial impact was on my right shoulder. This caused a severe separation of the shoulder, fractured ribs and various other bruises and abrasions.  I tumbled approximately the length of a football field, passing thru the fast lane before finally landing in the center median.

My orthopedic surgeon decided against surgery, and instead recommended physical therapy. When I first started PT, I was in tremendous pain, and had very little range of motion and strength.  After several months of therapy, I was able to regain about 90% of my range of motion, although I still suffered from pain and weakness.  My doctor said this was something I would just have to live with the rest of my life.

So, after my insurance ran out, I continued to do my rehab at home and slowly regained much of my strength over the next year.

Although my shoulder was much stronger, there were exercises that I just could not do (like barbell bench press) because the pain was just too great. So, I limited myself to doing exercises using light enough weights and specific (limited) ranges of motion that did not cause pain.

The problem was, the more I worked out, the more range of motion I lost and the more pain I felt. Over a year after the accident, I was still feeling enough pain that is limited not only the things I enjoy doing (working out, playing basketball, playing baseball with my kids), but also “normal” activities like sleeping, putting on a shirt or combing my hair.  I was resigned to the fact that I would just always be in pain and would have to live with certain physical limitations.

But that all changed when I started using The Rotater.

After doing the stretching exercises the very first day, I noticed that my shoulder really felt better.  I was shocked. You see, I was pretty skeptical that this “contraption” would really be able to help me. I already exercised and did some “basic” shoulder stretches the PT taught me, so I didn’t think this funny looking piece of plastic could do any better.

Boy…I’m sure glad I was wrong!

I didn’t realize that the muscles, ligaments and tendons The Rotater helps were so different than the ones I use to do a dumbell press or lateral raise. Those exercises actually hurt, while the one I do with The Rotater give me RELIEF.

I currently use The Rotater to stretch my shoulder about 5 days per week, and I use the Strong-arm Attachment to do strengthening exercises 2 – 3 times per week.

Since I started following this program, I have improved the strength and stability of the shoulder, increased my range of motion to nearly 100% of what it was before the accident and… more importantly…have greatly reduced the amount of pain I feel in and around the shoulder.

This has allowed me to do the things I enjoy again…like shooting a basketball, throwing a baseball to my son, or lifting my 2-year old daughter in the air…without as much pain.

I owe you much thanks!”


Pete Genot

You can learn all about Pete on his Facebook page or by following him on Twitter.

Disclosure: Pete was provided with a Rotater at no charge.  His testimonial was voluntary and not required.

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  1. Hey Chris,

    So check this out…

    My Mother-in-Law recently fell down some stairs and tore a rotator cuff.

    She heard all about my success with The Rotater…and now she want MINE!

    I love her and my wife…but I’m NOT giving it up! 😉

    Seriously though, this really is an awesome product and it has helped me more than you know. I can’t thank you guys enough!

    Best wishes,



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