Shoulder Mobility for MuscleHeads

Shoulder Mobility for MuscleHeads

If you workout a lot, you probably have a problem ... it's called shoulder mobility.  Maybe I should say a LACK of shoulder mobility.  That's a BROAD statement ... BUT probably TRUE !! Let's face it ... most of the lifts that build a strong powerful physique contribute to a rounded shoulder, … [Read more...]

How to Prevent Shoulder Injuries – Understanding Shoulder Anatomy

Shoulder Joint Graphic

Wow ... that's a BOLD title - How to Prevent Shoulder Injuries.  Is that even possible?  or realistic? First, let's get to the real function of the rotator cuff muscles - to stabilize the ball of the humerus in the center of the socket of the shoulder blade.  Sounds good, but what does that mean? … [Read more...]

How to Make a Great Rotator Cuff Exercise even BETTER

Improving FacePulls with External Rotation

The Facepull with External Rotation is a great exercise hitting the rear deltoids, rhomboids, infraspinatus and teres minor.  How can you make it better?  Just add the negative (eccentric) component. First, make the exercise a unilateral movement and then perform it as usual ... BUT instead of … [Read more...]

Did Dynasplint Copy the Rotater ??

Did Dynasplint COPY the Rotater?

Did Dynasplint ... the "king" of orthopedic rehabilitation products ripoff the patented Rotater shoulder rehab and performance tool?  Yesterday I was checking my YouTube subscriptions and came across a series of videos about a "new" product from Dynasplint called the GhS. You be the judge ... … [Read more...]

Quick Shoulder Warm Up

Are Your Shoulder All Twisted Up?

How often have you watched someone enter the gym and go straight to the bench press?  No warm up of any kind ... just lay down and start pumping out reps.  When I worked out in a public gym, I saw this almost every day.  Granted, it was from younger guys, but even many of the older lifters did the … [Read more...]


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