Face Pulls … for Shoulder Health

It’s only fair to share …FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinPrintEmailShoulder Health ??  Start with the Face Pull The Face Pull … it’s not complicated … really … it’s pretty simple.  Plus … they contribute to your shoulder health. Attach a rope to a pulley set about chest high …but not above chest high. Or … you can use a […]

The World’s Most Difficult Rotator Cuff Exercise?

It’s only fair to share …FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinPrintEmailThere are a lot of great rotator cuff exercises … from those that isolate the subscapularis to the ones that require complete shoulder girdle involvement.  You’re only limited by your imagination and have a wide variety of rotator cuff exercises to choose from. The “real” question is … Which rotator […]

Shoulder Mobility for MuscleHeads

It’s only fair to share …FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinPrintEmailIf you workout a lot, you probably have a problem … it’s called shoulder mobility.  Maybe I should say a LACK of shoulder mobility.  That’s a BROAD statement … BUT probably TRUE !! Let’s face it … most of the lifts that build a strong powerful physique contribute to a […]

How to Prevent Shoulder Injuries – Understanding Shoulder Anatomy

It’s only fair to share …FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinPrintEmailWow … that’s a BOLD title – How to Prevent Shoulder Injuries.  Is that even possible?  or realistic? First, let’s get to the real function of the rotator cuff muscles – to stabilize the ball of the humerus in the center of the socket of the shoulder blade.  Sounds good, […]

How to Make a Great Rotator Cuff Exercise even BETTER

It’s only fair to share …FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+LinkedinPrintEmailThe Facepull with External Rotation is a great exercise hitting the rear deltoids, rhomboids, infraspinatus and teres minor.  How can you make it better?  Just add the negative (eccentric) component. First, make the exercise a unilateral movement and then perform it as usual … BUT instead of simply returning to […]

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