Rotator Cuff Stability .. Get Some Rhythm

How to have rotator cuff stability

Shoulder stability … that’s a broad, vague term.   What … EXACTLY … does shoulder stability mean? Shoulder stability is remarkably complex and refers to the ability of 4 very small rotator cuff muscles to hold the “ball” of the upper arm on the “socket” of the shoulder blade. Here are some interesting facts … […]

ROTATER Fan – Derek Highley, Class A PGA Member

Derek Highley demonstrates external rotation with the shoulder turn

Here’s a big salute to Derek Highley, Class A PGA Member for sending us a few pictures demonstrating his favorite ROTATER shoulder stretches.  This first one … shows you how to get your shoulder into the external rotation you need to strike the golf ball effectively … AND with BIG power.   How do you […]

Sleeping WITHOUT Shoulder Pain

Sleeping without shoulder pain

If you’ve tried to sleep with an aching shoulder, then you know just how frustrating it can be.  It’s almost like you don’t sleep at all. What can YOU do? “Before I started using the ROTATER, I couldn’t perform simple tasks like putting on a belt. I had to put the belt in the pants […]

Frozen Shoulder Affects 6 Million Americans

Frozen shoulder affects 6 million Americans

Frozen shoulder ??   … really?  Is that even a “real” sickness? …c’mon .. you’re pulling my leg .. right? I wondered the same thing the first time I heard the term.  But it’s really a condition that affects 2% of people. …based on a US population of 316 million … frozen shoulder strikes 6,320,00 […]

ROTATER Fan – John Shaddock, MMA

John Shaddock using the ROTATER

We want to thank John Shaddock for sending us a couple of pictures demonstrating his favorite ROTATER stretch – 90/90 External Rotation. John is the owner of Shaddock MMA Fitness Academy in Sykesville, Maryland.  John … is the former New England Diamond Belt Champ at age 46 fought in TFC 2 for team USA which is 5 […]

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