Shoulder Stretch – Safe and Comfortable

Safe and Comfortable Shoulder Stretch

We’d like to thank shoulder rehab expert, Karl Kolbeck for taking the time to test the ROTATER with his staff and clients.  Karl has been instructing orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapy and manual therapy courses since 2001 and is highly considered in the shoulder rehab field. I started following Karl on Twitter ( @karlkolbeckpt ) and […]

Do YOU want Manly Shoulders ?

do you want manly shoulders?

“Shoulders Make the Man” “Shoulder the Load” “Put Your Shoulder into It” Manly Shoulders Our language is filled with quotes indicating that your strength lies in your shoulders.  Let’s be honest … broad, powerful shoulders are impressive.  All the old-time strongmen exhibited great shoulder strength, which came from doing compound lifts, overhead presses, odd object […]

Stroke, Frozen Shoulder and the ROTATER

Frozen Shoulder Solution

There’s nothing that feels as good to me as knowing the ROTATER is helping our clients.  Here’s a testimonial that really made me smile. Stroke and Frozen Shoulder In Sept. 2012, I suffered a brain stem stroke. As a result of stroke, I developed a frozen right shoulder. I researched online for some miracle equipment […]

Shoulder Pain .. Is it YOUR Fault ??

The cause of chronic shoulder pain

Chronic shoulder pain … ughhh !!  We’d like to think our shoulder pain is the result of injury.  A fall … a lifting injury … a throwing injury … you get the idea. The “real” cause of chronic shoulder pain It’s not glamorous.  In fact, it’s sad …. sad that we spend so much of our […]

The Rotater is Making a Difference

Shoulder Tool is Making a Difference

Our clients keep sending us testimonials like these … so we keep posting them.  Real results for real people … just like YOU. The Rotater is Making a Difference Before using the Rotater, my right shoulder would hurt when I’d lie down—the bicep tendons felt tight on the front of the shoulder. After using the […]

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