Shoulder Pain is a Thing of the Past

How to Beat Shoulder Pain

We love ROTATER testimonials.  When both cortisone shots and stem cell injections failed to provide relief for his shoulder pain … this man in his 70’s turned to the ROTATER. Shoulder Pain is Gone … But Not Forgotten I am a former left handed baseball pitcher who severely damaged the long head of the biceps […]

Shoulders, Core and More – 360 Strength Trainer

Shoulders Core and More

Variety is the spice of life !! From the food you eat to the books you read to the company you keep. Variety makes life … well … more INTERESTING ! Don’t get me wrong … I LOVE  the basics.  There’s nothing better for building muscular strength and mass than squats, deadlifts, farmer’s walks, heavy […]

How to Beat Frozen Shoulder with the ROTATER

YOU can beat frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder Causes Intense Pain One of our clients … Starlet Lemon …. shares her ROTATER / frozen shoulder story.  The moral … never give up …   “The ROTATER has been very helpful. I began having some shoulder pain in January. During preliminary doctor’s visits, my husband suffered a mild heart attack which delayed […]

Face Pulls … for Shoulder Health

Shoulder health is important

Shoulder Health ??  Start with the Face Pull The Face Pull … it’s not complicated … really … it’s pretty simple.  Plus … they contribute to your shoulder health. Attach a rope to a pulley set about chest high …but not above chest high. Or … you can use a band … BUT … keep […]

How to Beat Repetitive Shoulder Motion

Beat Repetitive Shoulder Motion Injury

the ROTATER Beats Repetitive Shoulder Motion Repetitive shoulder motion … you know … that stuff you do .. day in and day out … is one of the leading causes of all shoulder injuries.  You don’t have to be an athlete to have a shoulder injury … in fact, if your job or hobby requires […]

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