Shoulder Rehab … Don’t Give Up !

Don't give up on your shoulder rehab

What would you do ... IF you'd had 4 major shoulder traumas, an open shoulder surgery and limited shoulder mobility ??  Why not give the Rotater a try?  This is what happened to one of our clients .... and he shares his experience in his own words. Don't Give Up on YOUR Shoulder Rehab !! After … [Read more...]

Frozen Shoulder = limited range of motion

How to Beat Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder is Common "Frozen shoulder" or adhesive capsulitis (the name you are most likely to hear a physician/surgeon use) is very common. In layman terms, this name simply describes a situation where there is a loss of the range of motion in the shoulder joint. This can result from: the … [Read more...]

Is Shoulder Surgery the Answer?

Is Shoulder Surgery the Answer ?

Common Story - Separated Shoulder while playing Football When I was in high school, I had a partially separated shoulder injury acquired while playing football. In order to be able to practice and play, I used topical ointments to mask the pain. For many years following high school, my shoulder … [Read more...]

Help for Frozen Shoulder

Help for a Frozen Shoulder

We try to follow up with every Rotater client.  Here's an email I received from a one our clients who's been suffering with a frozen shoulder... The Rotater and Frozen Shoulder Recovery Hi Chris The Rotater has been very helpful. I began having some shoulder pain in January. During … [Read more...]

The Rotater Crew Goes Camping

The Rotater Crew Goes Camping

If you're a regular follower of the Rotater crew, then you may have noticed I'm a little behind on my blog posts.  I'm also way behind on our social media accounts.  Why... you ask ??? The Rotater Crew is on a Camping Vacation It just started raining a few minutes ago, so we've all piled into the … [Read more...]


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