The Rotater Responsible for Faster Shoulder Surgery Recovery ?

Tennis after rotator cuff surgery

My shoulder surgery was no fun ... that's about the nicest way I can say it.  Only my kidney stones were more painful. But that was almost 20 years ago .. thankfully they've made huge strides in shoulder surgery techniques.  Recently, my dad (who is 73) had rotator cuff surgery as an outpatient … [Read more...]

Shoulder Mobility for MuscleHeads

Shoulder Mobility for MuscleHeads

If you workout a lot, you probably have a problem ... it's called shoulder mobility.  Maybe I should say a LACK of shoulder mobility.  That's a BROAD statement ... BUT probably TRUE !! Let's face it ... most of the lifts that build a strong powerful physique contribute to a rounded shoulder, … [Read more...]

Pitching Coach says – The Rotater WORKS !!

How to Throw Harder

It's very easy to get excited when someone like Lantz Wheeler of has good things to say about your shoulder rehab and performance tool - the Rotater.  Who is Lantz Wheeler?  ... in the last 10 years 19 former pitchers have been drafted 4 are currently pitching in MLB 54 … [Read more...]

Shoulder Workout with Logs, Chains, Ropes etc.

Pick up heavy stuff ...

Workouts don't have to be fancy ... or in climate controlled facilities ... and they don't require high-dollar equipment.  Personally, I like to workout in my basement or ... better still ... outside. Find something heavy and pick it up, push it overhead, carry it or pull it ... doesn't get any … [Read more...]

Doctor Recommends Shoulder Rehab Tool

Doctor Returns to Tennis, thanks to the Rotater

Out testimonials come from real people just like you.  Here's a Rotater testimonial we just received from Dr. Carlos Guerra, Jr. "I am an avid tennis player. I have had shoulder problems for nearly 20 years. I have torn (partial) my left rotator cuff once but my right one three times. I … [Read more...]