External Rotation for Golfers

Golfers need a BIG shoulder turn

External Rotation with the Rotater ... works for Golfer Shoulder mobility is one of the key components of a great golf swing.  No shoulder mobility ... NO Power !!  It's that simple.  Dan Winget is a golf teaching pro in San Antonio ... AND he uses the Rotater.  Here' why ... Chris, As a … [Read more...]

External Rotation, Internal Rotation and the “Aha” Moment

Adhesive Capsulitis (aka Frozen Shoulder )

It was 2007 and we'd been back from the American Physical Therapists Association annual conference for about four weeks. During this time, we were following up on the contacts that we made while there, shipping "Rotaters" out everyday and remembering how scary and exhilarating the conference … [Read more...]

Frozen Shoulder … “is remarkably better since using the Rotater”

We Fix Shoulders

Craftsmen ... work ... and work hard.  It doesn't matter which craft ... painters, mechanics, carpenters and countless others depend on their shoulder performance to be able to do their jobs.  This email testimonial is from an industrial maintenance technician that developed a frozen … [Read more...]

Shoulder Rehab … Don’t Give Up !

Don't give up on your shoulder rehab

What would you do ... IF you'd had 4 major shoulder traumas, an open shoulder surgery and limited shoulder mobility ??  Why not give the Rotater a try?  This is what happened to one of our clients .... and he shares his experience in his own words. Don't Give Up on YOUR Shoulder Rehab !! After … [Read more...]

Frozen Shoulder = limited range of motion

How to Beat Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder is Common "Frozen shoulder" or adhesive capsulitis (the name you are most likely to hear a physician/surgeon use) is very common. In layman terms, this name simply describes a situation where there is a loss of the range of motion in the shoulder joint. This can result from: the … [Read more...]


Shoulder Questions ?? Get Answers !!