Shoulder Dislocation vs. Shoulder Separation

Is it a shoulder dislocation or a shoulder separation?

We often think of the shoulder as a singular joint. In fact, there are multiple joints within the shoulder complex: Glenohumeral Joint – the ball of the humeral head (this is the ball on the end of the upper arm bone) which fits into the glenoid or socket of the scapula. Acromioclavicular Joint – this […]

Successful Shoulder Rehab With the ROTATER

Successful Shoulder Rehab

People are talking about the ROTATER !!  … and many of those people are in the shoulder rehab business.  Stephen Leppard, a physical therapist, contacted us after hearing about the ROTATER from a colleague.  We sent him a free demo unit and this is what he emailed us after using the ROTATER with his patients. […]

My Pushups Are Better Than Your Pushups

My pushups are better than your pushups

My Pushups Require MORE Shoulder Stability !! Now, that’s a bold title … and really meant to grab your attention. Are my pushups better than yours? Maybe .. maybe not, but the main reason I like this kind of suspension pushup is the because they really force you to stabilize your shoulders.  Let me explain […]

Shoulder Stretch – Safe and Comfortable

Safe and Comfortable Shoulder Stretch

We’d like to thank shoulder rehab expert, Karl Kolbeck for taking the time to test the ROTATER with his staff and clients.  Karl has been instructing orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapy and manual therapy courses since 2001 and is highly considered in the shoulder rehab field. I started following Karl on Twitter ( @karlkolbeckpt ) and […]

Do YOU want Manly Shoulders ?

do you want manly shoulders?

“Shoulders Make the Man” “Shoulder the Load” “Put Your Shoulder into It” Manly Shoulders Our language is filled with quotes indicating that your strength lies in your shoulders.  Let’s be honest … broad, powerful shoulders are impressive.  All the old-time strongmen exhibited great shoulder strength, which came from doing compound lifts, overhead presses, odd object […]

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