How I Was Saved from Shoulder Surgery

How I avoided shoulder surgery

The Rotater Saved Me From Shoulder Surgery Shoulder surgery is no fun … that’s an understatement. In 1996, I had a bad AC separation, resulting in an “open” repair.  It required an overnight stay in the hospital and left me with a 6 inch scar. The shoulder pain I felt during my recovery is indescribable […]

No More Overhead Presses .. Try these 4 Alternatives

try these 4 overhead press alternatives

Are you tired of the Overhead Press ?? Do you want BIG shoulders?  You gotta do the Overhead Press.  That’s just the way it is. BUT that can get booooring …. and when your bored … your workouts suffer.  Boring workouts get stale … results diminish. What’s a MuscleHead to do?  Simple answer:  Add a […]

Is My Shoulder Pain Caused by a Rotator Cuff Tear?

Shoulder Pain ?

Shoulder pain is the third most diagnosed musculoskeletal disorder. BUT … that doesn’t mean your shoulder pain is the result of a rotator cuff tear. Most people have heard of the rotator cuff, but most don’t understand what it is … where it is … or what it does. This video will answer those questions and […]

Rotator Cuff Issues .. the Rotater Puts YOU in Control

The Rotater put YOU in control of your shoulder

I played baseball at a very progressive high school. The athletic department was well-funded and we had all sorts of therapeutic machines and devices along with a full compliment of trainers and student trainers. I had transferred to this high school during my senior year simply to play baseball at a well known school and […]

Shoulder Rehab Tool Credited for Recovery

Shoulder Rehab Isn't Complicated

Shoulder Rehab ..  Is it Complicated ? Shoulder rehab is complicated … stretching internal rotation stretching external rotation strengthening all 4 rotator cuff muscles making time for physical therapy doing your exercises at home … OR is it ?? The Rotater helps by supplementing all these movements anywhere you take it.  Here’s how one of […]

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