Internal Rotation and External Rotation with the Rotater

Motorcycle Racer invents shoulder rehab tool

I've had three broken shoulders and two shoulder surgeries. Because of this, I've learned a great deal about shoulder rehabilitation, the pain involved, and the effort required to have a successful recovery. Motorcycling Racing Results in Shoulder Injuries I race motorcycles and as a result, have … [Read more...]

Dr. Divot Explains Shoulder Injuries & More

Golf Injuries .. shoulders, backs and more

Orthopedic Surgeon - aka Dr. Divot I met Dr. Divot (whose alter-ego is Larry Foster, M.D.,F.A.A.O.S.) at the American Physical Therapist Association’s annual convention, held in June 2007. Dr. Foster had stopped by our booth (Joint Mechanix, LLC) and observed as I gave a demonstration of the … [Read more...]

Pitchers, GIRD and Other Shoulder Mobility Issues

Pitchers dealing with GIRD and other shoulder mobility issues

I met ... ("connected with" would be a better word) Randy Sullivan on Twitter.  Randy is a physical therapist, a former Division 1 Academic All American College Baseball player, and has been a successful coach at every level of amateur baseball over the past 20 years. How Successful is the … [Read more...]

Do YOU Have a Rotator Cuff Injury?

Do you have a rotator cuff injury ??

Are YOU Having Shoulder Pain?  Is it Your Rotator Cuff? If you have persistent or consistent shoulder pain, then make an appointment to see your physician and have your shoulder checked out.  Your doctor may be able to diagnose your condition based on: ...your physical history ...a … [Read more...]

What’s Your Favorite Shoulder Tool ?

What's your favorite shoulder tool?

We like to follow up with as many of our clients as possible.  This testimonial from Mark LaMorie is his response ... "Hey Chris, thanks for checking in on me and my shoulder. It's great. It's never really had an issue but I have used the Rotater to keep my shoulder loose and injury free. … [Read more...]


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