Lymphedema and Breast Cancer

Lymphedema and Breast Cancer

Lymphedema is condition of localized fluid retention due to the inability of the lymphatic system to properly remove excess fluid from that region. Because breast cancer patients often have the lymph nodes under the arm removed as a part of their cancer treatment strategy, they are susceptible to developing lymphedema in that arm. Lymphedema – […]

Sleeping With Shoulder Pain

Sleeping Without Shoulder Pain

One of the most common complaints from people with shoulder injuries is the inability to sleep due to their shoulder pain.  If you’ve had a shoulder injury … then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. What can you do?  Get a ROTATER … like this client did … Shoulder is Better .. with LESS […]

The World’s Most Difficult Rotator Cuff Exercise?

Creative Rotator Cuff Exercises

There are a lot of great rotator cuff exercises … from those that isolate the subscapularis to the ones that require complete shoulder girdle involvement.  You’re only limited by your imagination and have a wide variety of rotator cuff exercises to choose from. The “real” question is … Which rotator cuff exercise do YOU need? […]

Breast Cancer Awareness .. Everyday

breast cancer affects someone .. everyday

(Note:  this article was originally posted on Shoulder Rehab & Performance in Sept. 2007) October is designated as national Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Most women know this and are sympathetic, but most men really don’t pay too much attention – until breast cancer impacts their lives through a family member or close friend. It’s not […]

Protect Your Shoulders … Here’s How

Protect your shoulders

If you could be transported back in time … back to when you were a novice workout junkie … would you do the same things? The same kinds of workouts?  …the same exercises?  …the same intensity? Probably not … because age brings wisdom and understanding.  The realization that bench pressing 300 lbs. is great, but […]

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