Shoulder Rehab Tool Credited for Recovery

Shoulder Rehab Isn't Complicated

Shoulder Rehab ..  Is it Complicated ? Shoulder rehab is complicated ... stretching internal rotation stretching external rotation strengthening all 4 rotator cuff muscles making time for physical therapy doing your exercises at home ... OR is it ?? The Rotater helps by supplementing … [Read more...]

3 Simple Steps to Good Health and Fitness

Good Health is NOT Complicated

Nearly everyone dreams of being in better physical condition. Huge segments of our economy cater to the hopes and dreams of being in better shape. We are bombarded with commercials that promote new diets, new supplements or new fitness equipment that is supposed to ensure fat loss, muscle gain, … [Read more...]

Rotator Cuff, Bowhunting and the Rotater .. a Testimonial

Bowhunting and Rotater Cuff Injury

I have the greatest career in the world .. I'm an entrepreneur.  There is ABSOLUTELY no better feeling than knowing the Rotater is helping people regain their shoulder range of motion and function. Read this email and you'll understand what I mean. "My Shoulder is Pretty Good.."  thanks to … [Read more...]

Innovative Technology for Shoulder Pain and More

How to Stop Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Hurts Pain. It can be as slight as the "mild" discomfort of a minor headache, as agonizing as the passing of a kidney stone or as intense as giving birth to your child. It just plain hurts. Pain is hard to Quantify Pain is hard to quantify and varies from person to person. Some … [Read more...]

External Rotation for Golfers

Golfers need a BIG shoulder turn

External Rotation with the Rotater ... works for Golfer Shoulder mobility is one of the key components of a great golf swing.  No shoulder mobility ... NO Power !!  It's that simple.  Dan Winget is a golf teaching pro in San Antonio ... AND he uses the Rotater.  Here' why ... Chris, As a … [Read more...]


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