… Another Rotator Cuff Rehab Success Story …

“After 4 major shoulder traumas spanning 25 years, open shoulder surgery, and incomplete shoulder rehabilitation, I was resigned to accept my shoulder immobility as a permanent condition. Then I discovered the Rotater! At this point I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try so I placed the order. That order turned out to be one of the best purchases of my life!”  - read more shoulder rehab success stories like this …

More FAQ’s About the Rotater

1.  What’s the catch?  (hint:  there isn’t one)

Are YOU protected? What if the Rotater doesn’t work like you expected? … or becomes damaged? Are you one of those guys who looks for the “fine print” or is skeptical of gimmicks?

ANSWER:  I don’t blame you … that’s why we made our guarantee so simple!

2.  Who are you?  (hey, we’re regular guys .. just like YOU)

WHO are the Rotater guys? WHO are you trusting your shoulder to?

ANSWER:  We’ve been in business since 2007 and have grown from a motorcycle racer with the desire to rehab his own shoulder to a business with world-wide distribution. We’re hardworking entrepreneurs who love our customers.

3.  Can I contact you?  (sure .. email, call or text)

Do YOU have a question about the Rotater????

ANSWER:  We’re easy to reach … use our Contact Page .. or email us .. YOU can even call us .. here’s our contact info.

Chris Melton
Scott Kay

The Rotater can be seen here and here and …

Some of the place the Rotater can be seen


Do You Have Rotator Cuff Questions ?? Get Answers !!

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