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5 Shoulder Exercises to Prevent Shoulder Injuries

"How to Prevent Shoulder Injuries" - wow ... that's an ambitious title.  A better title would probably be - "How to Decrease the Likelihood of Having a Shoulder Injury". Here are a couple of videos from Jerry Shreck of VarietyTrainer.com along these lines. Jerry is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach and Fitness Facilities Coordinator at Bucknell University and has been featured in Men's Health magazine.   This first video … [Read more...]

6 Reasons Overhead Athletes Shouldn’t Do Overhead Work

Overhead Lifts:  A NO-NO for Throwers Almost all guys want big, strong shoulders...I mean shoulders make the man, right???  That's what we've always heard, but what if you're an overhead throwing athlete? Pitcher and baseball players Softball players Tennis players Volleyball players Should these athletes be performing overhead lifts?  Military presses?  Dumbbell presses?  I think Eric Cressey makes a great analogy in this … [Read more...]

How to Test Your Shoulder for a SLAP Tear

It's confusing...you have shoulder pain, but what's really the problem? Do you have a strained or torn rotator cuff? Is it tendinitis or tendinosis? Could it be a SLAP tear? How to Detect a Slap Tear Here's a excellent video demonstrating many of the tests used to indicate a SLAP tear.  Take a look and then consult your doctor if you think you may be suffering from a Slap tear. Slap tears commonly affect overhead athletes...baseball, … [Read more...]

2 Shoulder Exercises for Explosive Throwing Power

Shoulder Exercise for Baseball Players (or any Throwing Athlete) I found this video of a shoulder exercise that I have never seen before at BaseballStrengthBlog.com. (It looks like their mother site, BaseballStrength.com, is undergoing some changes and you must now register to assess their resources – but that seems like a small price to pay for what appears to be a very informative web site.) This exercise is unconventional - but looks … [Read more...]

Shoulder Stretching: Advice from an Expert

Athletic Trainer / Volleyball Player Uses Shoulder Stretching Device Recently I ran into the inventors of The Rotater at the Florida Physical Therapy Association Convention in Daytona Beach. I wish that I had met them a couple years ago. The Rotater would have been beneficial to so many athletes that I have worked with. I spent two years with the LSU volleyball and tennis programs as well as a year with the University of Louisiana of … [Read more...]

External rotation, internal rotation and the “aha” moment

We've been back from the American Physical Therapists Association annual conference for about four weeks. During this time, we have been following up on the contacts that we made while there, shipping "Rotaters" out everyday and remembering how scary and exhilarating the conference was. Denver APTA conference: scary & exhilarating It was scary because this was our first really big convention. The experience was exhilarating because we knew … [Read more...]