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Scapula Movement and Shoulder Health

Get your scapula moving !! Did you know ... limited shoulder mobility may have nothing to do with your shoulder joint.  What ??  That's right ... the joint most people think of ... where your upper arm bone attaches ... may be working just find.  BUT the problem may be your scapula.  YEAH ... that's the ticket.  Your scapula is supposed to elevate one degree for every 2 degrees your shoulder elevates. If your scapula isn't moving correctly … [Read more...]

Dynamic Shoulder Stretching vs Static Shoulder Stretching

Static shoulder stretching .. is it good or bad?  If you do a Google search ... lots of stuff will show up about static stretching: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Static Stretches For Runners, Static Stretching May Be Outdated Dynamic Vs. Static Stretching SOLVED If static shoulder stretching is so bad, THEN why do it? My take is that people are looking at stretching with tunnel vision.  The questions should really be: Do you … [Read more...]

Too Much Internal Rotation … Not Good

Do you have too much internal rotation?  How can you tell?  The classic example is the muscle-head type who does way too much bench pressing and little or no back exercises.  This produces the classic  "hunched-over, rolled shoulder, gorilla" look.  If you look closely at their hands at rest and you'll see that their palms are facing toward the rear instead of toward their leg.  BUT you don't have to be a muscle-head to be at risk ... you may be … [Read more...]

Shoulder Pain and Dips … Help !

Shoulder pain while doing dips is common ... so ... many people who work out just avoid doing dips.  But is that the answer? The last time I did dips, my shoulders ached for several days and I was afraid that I'd done some serious damage.  Why did my shoulders hurt so much?  Was it my age? ... my technique? So, what did I do?  I've been avoiding dips.  Fortunately, I just ran across this video from Kelley Starrett and it has given me some … [Read more...]

How To: Shoulder Prehab

What is Shoulder Prehab? Prehab...some people love the term...some people hate it. In short, it's all about performing exercises designed to prevent injuries.  So, shoulder prehab is performing shoulder exercises t0 help you avoid shoulder injuries.  Some things to consider: doing shoulder prehab exercises doesn't guarantee you won't injure your shoulder there are many shoulder exercises and programs your shoulder program should … [Read more...]

Shoulder Flexibilty and Your Golf Swing

Golfers, No External Rotation = Flying Elbows and Chicken Wings Mindi Boysen is a Titleist Performance Institute Levvel III certified Golf Fitness Specialist, a Nationally certified lifestyle and weight management consultant, a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor who specializes in functional, Pilates-based sport specific training.  In the following video, Mindi points out why having good shoulder flexibility is so … [Read more...]

Shoulder Exercises for Rehab and Performance

Here are a few links for great information about your shoulder rehab and performance Are You Sleeping on the “Sleeper” Stretch? Dr. Jeff Cubos examines whether the sleeper stretch is the most effective way to stretch the posterior capsule. Mobilizing the Thoracic Spine and Glenohumeral Joint Here's a short video clip from shoulder guru, Eric Cressey.  Not only does he show you how to do this shoulder exercise, he also explains why it's so … [Read more...]