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Overhead Press Alternatives

Do you want BIG shoulders?  You gotta do the Overhead Press.  That's just the way it is. BUT that can get booooring .... and when your bored ... your workouts suffer. What's a MuscleHead to do? Here are some alternatives to revive your shoulder workouts. The Half-Kneeling 1-Arm Landmine Press http://youtu.be/_ArzG9qz-yM The One Arm Shoulder Press http://youtu.be/BRH7S9-Ur_s Leaning Press: Overhead Lifting WITHOUT Back … [Read more...]

Shoulders, Core and More – 360 Strength Trainer

Variety is the spice of life !! From the food you eat to the books you read to the company you keep. Variety makes life ... well ... more INTERESTING ! Don't get me wrong ... I LOVE  the basics.  There's nothing better for building muscular strength and mass than squats, deadlifts, farmer's walks, heavy rows, heavy presses and chins. BUT ... sometimes the basics can get "booooring" !!  Deloading helps and is great for muscle repair and … [Read more...]

Farmer’s Walk on a Budget … How to Build Powerful Shoulders

You don't need a big, fancy gym to get a good workout.  You don't even need conventional barbells and dumbbells to build strong, powerful shoulders.  What you do need ... is to push, pull, lift and carry heavy weights. Farmer's Walks are a great example of this concept.  Anyone who's spent any time working on a farm will tell you that every day you're going to carry heavy buckets, push heavy wheelbarrows, pull something heavy and lift many … [Read more...]

Dynamic Stabilization for the Rotator Cuff

Here is a rotator cuff tool I created to impose an ever-shifting load on your shoulder muscles.  It's not fancy and you can easily duplicate it with simple items from your local hardware store. The Rotator Cuff Slosh Pipe Well what do you think? Did You Forget? If you want great shoulder information and NO SPAM, then sign up for our TOP 10 Newsletter.  Only the best shoulder information for our readers. … [Read more...]

Want SuperHero Shoulders?

Strong, powerful shoulders ... the girls love em and the guys want em.  Do you have strong, powerful shoulders?  Why not?  Maybe it's your training ... do you lift heavy stuff?  I'm not talking about 20 lb dumbbells for sets of 20 reps.  I'm talking 70, 80 ,90 or even 100 lb dumbbells that make your butt pucker. To be powerful, you've got to do powerful things ... heavy military presses, dumbbell presses, power cleans, farmer's walks and … [Read more...]

Shoulder Performance – Get More With Kettlebells

I love kettlebells!!  Sadly, I waited a long time before giving them a try ... because I was a "serious" lifter.  What a mistake ... here's why: #1 - kettlebells are shoulder friendly - improved  shoulder mobility and range of motion the variety of exercises is endless - it never gets boring kettlebell training develops both cardio and strength super calorie burner - research study results ... and those are just off the top of my … [Read more...]

Rotator Cuff Pain? Not With the ROTATORELIEVER

Plato said, "Necessity is the mother of invention".  It has certainly been so for us ... that's how the Rotater came in to existence.  But we're not the only people who have been motivated by our own needs to create a rotator cuff rehab tool. Meet Dr. Michael Carroll and the ROTATORELIEVER A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Michael Carroll ... a family physician practicing in Traverse City, Michigan.  We were both … [Read more...]