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Shoulder Pain .. Is it YOUR Fault ??

Chronic shoulder pain ... ughhh !!  We'd like to think our shoulder pain is the result of injury.  A fall ... a lifting injury ... a throwing injury ... you get the idea. It's not nearly that glamorous. BUT, we could probably eliminate much of our shoulder pain by changing HOW we live ... and HOW we move.  I've posted a number of articles about shoulder pain and how we need to Move or DIE. After watching the video below, I think you'll … [Read more...]

More Tips After Shoulder Surgery

Here are a few more helpful hints to make your recovery from shoulder surgery go a little better.  Tips from this video are directed toward patients who've had rotator cuff surgery: don't fall down ... stumbling and then putting your hands out to brace yourself is a recipe for disaster.  If you do this, the chances are pretty good you'll damage your freshly repaired shoulder most of your pain is coming from muscle tightness and muscle spasm … [Read more...]

Frozen Shoulder – Best Explanation

Have you heard of frozen shoulder?  If you've had it, then you've heard of it ... if not, then you probably don't have a clue.  Since you're here, you must want to know more.  I've written about frozen shoulder before: Simple Frozen Shoulder Exercises, Plus a Little Controversy Frozen Shoulder Manipulation Ouch! – Frozen Shoulder Hurts Shoulder Notes: From Frozen Shoulder to Shoulder Strength To be honest, I've never really read or … [Read more...]

How to Injure Your Shoulder

I was racking by brain for something to blog about when I stumbled across this first video.  People who perform dumb stunts usually pay the price ... often resulting in shoulder injuries.  The other videos were pretty easy to find. Fall from a poorly balanced chair / table Get a skateboard and go real fast Jump from a high place .. aka - Gravity sucks Yep..speed again .. and testosterone Snow, ice, youth and testosterone Shoulder … [Read more...]

Shoulder Replacement Surgery on the Rise

Some time back, I wrote and article about Reverse Shoulder Replacement ... relatively new at the time.  Now, this article - Dramatic Rise in Shoulder Arthroplasty - tells us the procedure is becoming more common. Why ... Ream and Run? I could send you to a bunch of websites that will tell you all the benefits of the various shoulder replacement options available and whether it would be right for you.  BUT ... if a picture is worth a thousand … [Read more...]

Cool Shoulder Tool for Self-Myofascial Release

Cool Shoulder (and more) Tool I've posted several articles about Self-Myofascial Release: Self Myofascial Release for Shoulders Shoulder Pain? Trigger Points … Aaargh! More Self-Myofascial Release – TheraWheel Here's a cool shoulder tool for self-myofascial release - The Myorope.  I'm a big fan of rolling around on odd-shaped objects in the hopes of massaging out any painful tight spots, so this looks like a great product.  The … [Read more...]

Are Dips Worth the Risk to Your Shoulders?

To dip or not to dip ... that is the question.  Whether it is nobler to hang massive weights on your body while doing parallel bar dips ... or avoid dips altogether.  Is the potential gain of muscle strength and size worth the risk of damage to your shoulders? Personally ... I just don't think the risk is worth the return.  Sure, dips are a great chest, shoulder tricep builder, BUT only if you can stay injury-free. Case 1:  Dips aren't worth … [Read more...]