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Shoulder Pain .. Is it YOUR Fault ??

Chronic shoulder pain ... ughhh !!  We'd like to think our shoulder pain is the result of injury.  A fall ... a lifting injury ... a throwing injury ... you get the idea. It's not nearly that glamorous. BUT, we could probably eliminate much of our shoulder pain by changing HOW we live ... and HOW we move.  I've posted a number of articles about shoulder pain and how we need to Move or DIE. After watching the video below, I think you'll … [Read more...]

Flag Press – Try Something Different for your Shoulders

I LIKE clubbells - ( Clubbell alternative - Get a sledgehammer or 2 ) - and I think they are a great way to improve both shoulder stability and shoulder mobility. PLUS .. clubbells seem very shoulder friendly ... Maybe it's because I'm older and hopefully wiser ... BUT I've finally come to the conclusion that you don't have to do the traditional weightlifting movements to develop shoulder strength.  Don't get me wrong ... I wish I could … [Read more...]

Searching and Sharing Shoulder Rehab & Performance Info

We discovered a treasure trove of shoulder rehab and performance links for you in the last couple of days.  From preventing shoulder impingements to improving shoulder flexibility to tips for bench pressing with less shoulder pain.  If it's shoulder related, then we're gonna find it and share it. We're also very excited that All-American swimmer and current US Open 50 m Freestyle champion, Karl Krug is using the Rotater and has shared his … [Read more...]

Scapula Movement and Shoulder Health

Get your scapula moving !! Did you know ... limited shoulder mobility may have nothing to do with your shoulder joint.  What ??  That's right ... the joint most people think of ... where your upper arm bone attaches ... may be working just find.  BUT the problem may be your scapula.  YEAH ... that's the ticket.  Your scapula is supposed to elevate one degree for every 2 degrees your shoulder elevates. If your scapula isn't moving correctly … [Read more...]

BandBell SpringBar Shoulder Press and More

Lookout ... we're making some big changes here at Shoulder Rehab & Performance.  Between this website, the Rotater website, our Facebook page, Twitter page, Google+ page and our Pinterest account ... we post an incredible amount of shoulder information. Shoulder rehab videos, shoulder performance videos, shoulder rehab articles ... you name it ... if it's shoulder-related, there's a good chance you can find it on one of our blogs or social … [Read more...]

Lifehacker Helps, Better Thoracic Mobility and All Those Initials – This Week in Shoulder Rehab and Performance

How do you start and end your day?  If you're like most people, you roll out of bed wishing you were headed in the other direction.  At night, we put off going to bed because we have so much left to do, read or see.  This results in a  body that suffers from our poor decisions.  Muscles and joints get tight and we lose our mobility ... especially our hips and shoulders Here's some help from Lifehacker Start and End Your Day with These Mobility … [Read more...]

Limited Internal Rotation – the Worst Shoulder Problem?

Can you put your hand behind your back?  Do you have trouble putting on a coat, scratching your back reaching your wallet or hooking your bra?  If you answered "YES", then you probably have limited internal rotation in your shoulder. If you're an athlete, the lack of internal rotation will limit your  performance ... it's as simple as that.  For baseball pitchers, there's even a term for it - GIRD - Glenohumeral Internal Rotation … [Read more...]