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Shoulder Pain and Dips … Help !

Shoulder pain while doing dips is common ... so ... many people who work out just avoid doing dips.  But is that the answer? The last time I did dips, my shoulders ached for several days and I was afraid that I'd done some serious damage.  Why did my shoulders hurt so much?  Was it my age? ... my technique? So, what did I do?  I've been avoiding dips.  Fortunately, I just ran across this video from Kelley Starrett and it has given me some … [Read more...]

3 Shoulder Tools for Rehab and Performance

Cold or Heat for Shoulder Therapy Back in the "old" days when I played high school baseball, I can remember coming home from practice and heading straight to the freezer.  That's where I kept about 6 paper cups that I had put there the previous day.  I would tear tear the top half of the paper off (this left the bottom half for a semi-insulated handle) and begin to rub my shoulder with the now-hardened ice ( unless I could get my mom or one of … [Read more...]