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Cool Shoulder Tool for Self-Myofascial Release

Cool Shoulder (and more) Tool I've posted several articles about Self-Myofascial Release: Self Myofascial Release for Shoulders Shoulder Pain? Trigger Points … Aaargh! More Self-Myofascial Release – TheraWheel Here's a cool shoulder tool for self-myofascial release - The Myorope.  I'm a big fan of rolling around on odd-shaped objects in the hopes of massaging out any painful tight spots, so this looks like a great product.  The … [Read more...]

When Shoulder Stretching is not Enough …

Today's post is by guest author Christopher Warden, CSCS - Certified Specialist in Health, Fitness and Performance Enhancement and author of Fitness Philosopher. Why is My Shoulder Tight?  And Is Stretching the Only Option to Fix It? To this day, it still seems the most common prescription for a tight or painful shoulder is to stretch it.  The reason is logical enough: if the symptom is in the shoulder, the problem’s likely in the shoulder, so … [Read more...]