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Limited Internal Rotation – the Worst Shoulder Problem?

Can you put your hand behind your back?  Do you have trouble putting on a coat, scratching your back reaching your wallet or hooking your bra?  If you answered "YES", then you probably have limited internal rotation in your shoulder. If you're an athlete, the lack of internal rotation will limit your  performance ... it's as simple as that.  For baseball pitchers, there's even a term for it - GIRD - Glenohumeral Internal Rotation … [Read more...]

A Dynamic Shoulder Mobility Warmup

What do you do to warmup your shoulders prior to working out?  You do warmup your shoulders ... right? The scary thing is that most people either don't warmup at all or perform a warmup that is hazardous to their shoulder health. Don't do this shoulder warmup !! I've seen it many times ... guys go to the gym ... it's chest day, so they're pumped to bench.  The first thing the do (and I used to be just as guilty) is external / internal … [Read more...]

Too Much Internal Rotation … Not Good

Do you have too much internal rotation?  How can you tell?  The classic example is the muscle-head type who does way too much bench pressing and little or no back exercises.  This produces the classic  "hunched-over, rolled shoulder, gorilla" look.  If you look closely at their hands at rest and you'll see that their palms are facing toward the rear instead of toward their leg.  BUT you don't have to be a muscle-head to be at risk ... you may be … [Read more...]

Shoulder Pain and Dips … Help !

Shoulder pain while doing dips is common ... so ... many people who work out just avoid doing dips.  But is that the answer? The last time I did dips, my shoulders ached for several days and I was afraid that I'd done some serious damage.  Why did my shoulders hurt so much?  Was it my age? ... my technique? So, what did I do?  I've been avoiding dips.  Fortunately, I just ran across this video from Kelley Starrett and it has given me some … [Read more...]

Shoulder Mobility with Gray Cook

Shoulder mobility .. either you have it or your don't.  And believe me if you don't have it, it shows.  You can feel your lack of shoulder mobility every time you: comb your hair reach for your wallet try to get something from a top shelf or any of a thousand other everyday tasks Want Better Shoulder Mobility?  Start Here Here's a video of Gray Cook, explaining shoulder mobility and how you can improve it with a very simple … [Read more...]

Shoulder Health..What You Need to Know

Well, first we need to know: What does a healthy shoulder look like? How does a healthy shoulder move? Do you have shoulder range of motion deficits? How is your External Rotation?   (What is External Rotation?) What about your Internal Rotation? Here's a shoulder girdle assessment video to help you answer these questions. Shoulder Test Did you test your shoulder? How much external rotation do you have? How much … [Read more...]

Shoulder Exercises for Rehab and Performance

Here are a few links for great information about your shoulder rehab and performance Are You Sleeping on the “Sleeper” Stretch? Dr. Jeff Cubos examines whether the sleeper stretch is the most effective way to stretch the posterior capsule. Mobilizing the Thoracic Spine and Glenohumeral Joint Here's a short video clip from shoulder guru, Eric Cressey.  Not only does he show you how to do this shoulder exercise, he also explains why it's so … [Read more...]