Shoulder Irritation Improves with Correct Rowing Technique

Avoid Needless Shoulder Pain

More is not always better…especially when it comes to rowing exercises. Bill Hartman demonstrates correct rowing motion and explains why pulling too far is actually counterproductive to your shoulder health.  In my early days of pumping iron, everyone told me to pull as far as possible when performing rowing exercise …. one-arm rows, barbell rows, low cable rows.  Not good, here’s why.

Stop Creating Shoulder Problems:  When you pull too far…

  • the humeral head protrudes forward resulting in shoulder irritation
  • you can loosen the shoulder capsule
  • you can aggravate or cause shoulder impingement
  • you can overstretch the subscapularis

The Bottom line:

  • too much motion can be bad
  • use good rowing form
  • don’t pull too deeply
  • lead with the scapula

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