Self Myofascial Release for Shoulders

Rolling for Shoulder Mobility

Thanks to Joe Meglio for publishing this great shoulder video.  Joe demonstrates how to use a foam roller and lacrosse ball to work out the trigger points that may be limiting your shoulder mobility.

Try It … Your Shoulder Will Thank You

You really can’t appreciate how good this feels until you give it a try.  I especially like how Joe moves his shoulder through both external and internal rotation while stretching with the lacrosse ball.

If you find the lacrosse ball to be a little too hard, then give it a try with a tennis ball and work up to the lacrosse ball.  Leave me a comment sharing your thoughts.

Tweeting the Shoulder Stuff

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  1. […] Self Myofascial Release for Shoulders […]

  2. […] Self Myofascial Release for Shoulders […]

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