Rotator Cuff Pain? Not With the ROTATORELIEVER

Plato said, “Necessity is the mother of invention”.  It has certainly been so for us … that’s how the Rotater came in to existence.  But we’re not the only people who have been motivated by our own needs to create a rotator cuff rehab tool.

Meet Dr. Michael Carroll and the ROTATORELIEVER

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Michael Carroll … a family physician practicing in Traverse City, Michigan.  We were both attending the National Athletic Trainers Association annual convention as vendors.  The NATA show has always been very successful for us since so many athletic trainers recognize the benefit of having a couple of Rotaters in their training rooms.  But I’m straying from the subject …

Rotator Cuff Pain Relief = Traction + Dynamic Stabilizations

A few months ago, I heard about a relatively new product on the rotator cuff rehab scene – The ROTATORELIEVER, so you can imagine my excitement, when Dr. Carroll walked up to our booth and introduced himself.

Dr. Carroll seems like a great guy … genuine … down to earth…the kind of person you’d want for your family physician.  BUT, he’s not just a physician, he’s an inventor, too!

Motivated by his own painful shoulder, Dr. Carroll devised a two-pronged approach to eliminating his shoulder pain:

  1. He created a traction device to decompress the rotator cuff – and is worn while you’re sleeping
  2. He created a shoulder tool that strengthens the rotator cuff through the use of dynamic stabilization – simple to use and only takes 5 minutes a day

Sounds complicated, right?  Not so much … this video will explain what the ROTATORELIEVER is and why you should consider getting one if you’re having shoulder pain:

In their tests, 100% of test subjects “got better in 28 days” … now that’s impressive.  Plus, they provide a 100% money back guarantee … also very impressive.

Are You Having Rotator Cuff Pain?

The solution is simple … buy the Rotater to increase your rotator cuff mobility and get the ROTATORELIEVER to strengthen your rotator cuff.

About Chris Melton

Chris Melton is an entrepreneur, blogger and one of the owners of Joint Mechanix, LLC ... the creators of the Rotater ... a rotator cuff rehab tool used by physical therapists, athletic trainers, athletes and proactive shoulder rehab patients.

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