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My Shoulder’s Worst Enemy…Me!!

I Am My Shoulder’s Worst Enemy

Shoulder injuries are usually my fault

Shoulder pain is horrible.  It’s hard to find a comfortable position while sleeping.  Every movement reminds you there’s something wrong….BUT the worst part is YOU are probably the cause of your shoulder pain.  Here’s a great article explaining what I mean:

10 simple tips for NOT messing up your shoulders

An excerpt from the article, “…Here are some VERY simple tips for improving structural balance in the upper body. Most people need hands on help to ensure form and technique are correct. If you don’t want to end up with a surprise shoulder issue or neck pain, then these are tips are essential:…”

Read the rest…you’ll be glad you did.

How is Your Shoulder Strength and Stability?  Test it!

How strong / stable are your shoulders?  This exercise will let you know very quickly.

Scooter Shoulder: Around the World

From the article, “…This exercise really challenges glenohumeral stability in an integrated manner. It’s appropriate for throwers, swimmers, & wrestlers.”

You could buy a couple of large “furniture sliders’ from your local hardware store instead of using the ones in the pictures.  Please note…the guy demonstrating this movement is on his knees!!

What is Scapular Rotation..and Why Should You Care?

Here’s a great explanation of scapular rotation from corrective exercise guru, Eric Beard.

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