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How to Prevent Pitching Injuries – a Scientific Approach

You have a son who is a great age-level pitcher … maybe the next Nolan Ryan or Marian0 Rivera.  You’ve got him on a strength program and you probably make sure he receives personal instruction from a very good personal baseball coach.  But, are you overlooking the obvious?  His natural throwing motion may be flawed … and you’ll never notice it.  In fact, most people will probably never notice his throwing errors.  WHY?  Because …

  • Your eyes are too slow
  • You don’t know what to look for
  • If you do see a problem, you don’t know how to fix it

3P Sports – Identifying and Fixing Flaws in Pitching Mechanics

The answer is to let the professionals watch your son pitch … examine his mechanics and use their expertise to correct any flaws in his throwing mechanics.  What if you could get people like former major league General Manager, Jim Duquette or former major league pitching coach, Rick Peterson or the most well-known orthopedic surgeon – Dr. James Andrews, to take a look at your son’s throwing motion.  Sounds good … BUT that sounds expensive … very expensive.  Right?  Maybe not…watch this video and see for yourself.

The Answer – Biomedical Study of the Pitching Delivery

Dr. Andrews, Rick Peterson and Jim Duquette have created a business – 3P Sports – to help people like you and your son.  The formula is simple:

  1. Biomedical Video Analysis – a scientific video analysis of a pitcher’s delivery by experts who know how to identify “red flags” or flaws that will limit pitching performance and may lead to shoulder and / or elbow injury.
  2. Pitcher Specific Strength Training – a pre-season, in-season and post-season strength training program to increase pitching performance and help your son remain injury free.
  3. MLB-Pitching Drills – learn and use the same training formula that elite, professional pitchers use
  4. Performance Behavior Coaching – helping your son develop the work ethic and mental skills needed to perform at the highest level

3P Sports – an Affordable Pitching Program

Okay…sounds good, but can you afford it?  I wondered the same thing … it must cost thousands, right?  No!  Not only did it not cost thousands, it’s very affordable – less expensive than your cable or internet bill.  Incredibly, the cost is only $39.95 a month or $399 for and entire year!  Visit their product page and see for yourself.

Bottom Line – Does the 3P Pitching Program Work?

It all boils down to one thing – DOES THE 3P SPORTS PITCHING PROGRAM WORK?  It certainly has the backing of some pretty notable pitching experts – from professional pitchers to pitching coaches to orthopedic surgeons.  But what do the end users think?  Here are some testimonials from people using the 3P Pitching system.

Disclosure – I am not affiliated with 3P Sports in any way.  I was not compensated for this article.  Check out their program and let us know what you think.

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