How is Your Shoulder Flexibility?

Shoulder Flexibility – Have you got “it” ?

Not sure?  Here’s how you can test your shoulder flexibility.

When we think of shoulder flexibilty, what we’re really referring to is how mobile our shoulder joint is … can it move throughout a full range of motion?  As children, we seem to be super mobile, but with time, repetitive use and injury … some of our shoulder mobility vanishes.

The “really BIG” question is:  Can we regain lost shoulder mobility?

For most of us, that thought never crosses our minds because any loss of shoulder mobility has occurred in small bits over time.  As these losses occur, we make adjustments and learn to live with it.  However, when we have a traumatic shoulder injury or take up a new sport / activity that challenges our shoulder we quickly realize our shoulder mobility “ain’t” what it used to be.

How to regain lost shoulder mobility

First things first…do the test above ( or try this shoulder flexibility test ) and find out how much shoulder mobility you have.  If you feel you need to increase your shoulder mobility, then search online to see what your options are.  Personally, I like to search YouTube for visual information … and you can find a ton of good information … ( along with some not-so-good stuff ).

I thought I had pretty good shoulder mobility until I saw Steve Cotter in this video:

Okay…I tried to do these shoulder stretches and found out I need to work on it.  But now I know … my shoulder mobility is not as good as it was.  But I’m working on it.

Stay up to date with your shoulder rehab and performance

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