Dynamic Shoulder Stretching vs Static Shoulder Stretching

Static shoulder stretching .. is it good or bad?  If you do a Google search … lots of stuff will show up about static stretching:Static vs Dynamic

If static shoulder stretching is so bad, THEN why do it?

My take is that people are looking at stretching with tunnel vision.  The questions should really be:

Do you want to increase your shoulder performance?  vs.  Do you want to regain shoulder range of motion?

Do you want to regain shoulder range of motion?

Static shoulder stretching is the answer.  The loss of shoulder range of motion is usually the result of some sort of shoulder injury … which may or may not require surgery.  Either way, you will probably find yourself with a prescription for physical therapy.

Static shoulder stretching is a fundamental treatment physical therapists use the help you regain your range of motion:  Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Conditioning Program

As you can see, there is a time and place for everything …. including static shoulder stretches.

Do you want to increase your shoulder performance?

If shoulder performance is your objective, then you should be interested in a number of things:

…and you’ll probably be much more interested in dynamically stretching your shoulder.  Here are a couple of ways you can use the Rotater to dynamically stretch your shoulder:

Dynamic Shoulder Stretching – Internal Rotation

Dynamic Shoulder Stretching – External Rotation

Are you getting all the shoulder information you want?

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Chris Melton is an entrepreneur, blogger and one of the owners of Joint Mechanix, LLC ... the creators of the Rotater ... a rotator cuff rehab tool used by physical therapists, athletic trainers, athletes and proactive shoulder rehab patients.


  1. Thanks for the videos. I have an impignement on my left shoulder and sometimes my movements become restricted. This should help me loosesn up.

  2. Glad we could be helpful 🙂

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