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Cold Laser Therapy: A Possible Treatment for Shoulder Pain?

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

I discovered this video on redscrubs.com and immediately began to wonder if cold laser therapy would have the same pain-relieving effects on shoulder pain.

According to Wikipedia, cold laser therapy or photobimodulation:

“…is an emerging medical and veterinary technique in which exposure to low-level laser light or light emitting diodes can stimulate or inhibit cellular function leading to beneficial clinical effects. The technique is also known by the more ambiguous terms phototherapy and laser therapy, which may also be used to describe other medical techniques. The “best” combination of wavelength, intensity, duration and treatment interval is complex and sometimes controversial with different diseases, injuries and dysfunctions needing different treatment parameters and techniques. These are still being explored and increasingly published by the academic community.”   – read the rest

Can Cold Laser Therapy be used to Treat Shoulder Pain?

Is it smoke and mirrors or can cold laser therapy treat your shoulder pain?  The following newsclip video is a strong testimonial, but could it be a placebo-like affect?  Watch and judge for yourself.

Are Professional Athletes using Cold Laser Therapy?

I found the following articles that stated some professional athletes and teams are using cold laser therapy – most often noted is Lance Armstrong.

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