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Shoulder Pain .. Is it YOUR Fault ??

Chronic shoulder pain ... ughhh !!  We'd like to think our shoulder pain is the result of injury.  A fall ... a lifting injury ... a throwing injury ... you get the idea. It's not nearly that glamorous. BUT, we could probably eliminate much of our shoulder pain by changing HOW we live ... and HOW we move.  I've posted a number of articles about shoulder pain and how we need to Move or DIE. After watching the video below, I think you'll … [Read more...]

Cool Shoulder Tool for Self-Myofascial Release

Cool Shoulder (and more) Tool I've posted several articles about Self-Myofascial Release: Self Myofascial Release for Shoulders Shoulder Pain? Trigger Points … Aaargh! More Self-Myofascial Release – TheraWheel Here's a cool shoulder tool for self-myofascial release - The Myorope.  I'm a big fan of rolling around on odd-shaped objects in the hopes of massaging out any painful tight spots, so this looks like a great product.  The … [Read more...]

Shoulder Pain and Dips … Help !

Shoulder pain while doing dips is common ... so ... many people who work out just avoid doing dips.  But is that the answer? The last time I did dips, my shoulders ached for several days and I was afraid that I'd done some serious damage.  Why did my shoulders hurt so much?  Was it my age? ... my technique? So, what did I do?  I've been avoiding dips.  Fortunately, I just ran across this video from Kelley Starrett and it has given me some … [Read more...]

Shoulder Pain? Trigger Points … Aaargh!

Chronic shoulder pain!!  It just never seems to go away... the constant nagging ... no relief ... struggle!  What can you do?  We'll that all depends on the kind of pain you're having, but always see a doctor first. New Research Points to Trigger Points as the Culprit A recent study on myofascial trigger points in patients with chronic shoulder pain concluded - "comprehensive treatment of MTrPs in shoulder muscles reduces the number of muscles … [Read more...]