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Limited Internal Rotation – the Worst Shoulder Problem?

Can you put your hand behind your back?  Do you have trouble putting on a coat, scratching your back reaching your wallet or hooking your bra?  If you answered "YES", then you probably have limited internal rotation in your shoulder. If you're an athlete, the lack of internal rotation will limit your  performance ... it's as simple as that.  For baseball pitchers, there's even a term for it - GIRD - Glenohumeral Internal Rotation … [Read more...]

Landmine Lateral Raises, Kimura Defense and more – This Week in Shoulder Rehab & Performance

This is the first of our "This Week in Shoulder Rehab and Performance" series.  We cover a lot of shoulder information between our Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts ... plus we post a weekly newsletter as well.  But some people like to read our blog, so we're going to share some of the best shoulder stuff right here, every week. Banded Landmine Lateral Raises Are you tired of the same old shoulder exercises?  Here's a new twist on an old … [Read more...]

Check out the JAS EZ Shoulder

Regaining shoulder range of motion after shoulder surgery can be difficult .. thank goodness we have physical therapists to help.  But what options do you have if you can't get to a physical therapist?  For instance, if you travel a lot or live in a very rural area or don't have insurance coverage for physical therapy ... what can you do? You can search the internet for shoulder rehab programs you can do at home You can invent your own … [Read more...]

How to Add Variety to Your Shoulder Workout

I like the basics ... especially for shoulder strength and development.  So, I do the traditional shoulder strengthening exercises: military pressess dumbbell presses lateral raises farmer's walks shrugs Shoulder workouts can get boring ... with a capital B These basic shoulder exercises are great, but sometimes the routine makes my shoulder workouts feel more like slogging through a dream than actually challenging my shoulder … [Read more...]

A Dynamic Shoulder Mobility Warmup

What do you do to warmup your shoulders prior to working out?  You do warmup your shoulders ... right? The scary thing is that most people either don't warmup at all or perform a warmup that is hazardous to their shoulder health. Don't do this shoulder warmup !! I've seen it many times ... guys go to the gym ... it's chest day, so they're pumped to bench.  The first thing the do (and I used to be just as guilty) is external / internal … [Read more...]

Shoulder Mobility for Powerlifters … and YOU

I don't think of powerlifters being extremely mobile.  In fact, I picture those guys as tanks that can move anything that gets in their way. Donnie Thompson is one of those guys ... BUT he's not.  Donne is one of powerlifting's legends who has made it his mission to learn and teach mobility to anyone who will listen.  If you think really BIG guys can't be mobile, then you need to watch Donnie as he demonstrates how you can have better shoulder … [Read more...]

Cool Shoulder Tool for Self-Myofascial Release

Cool Shoulder (and more) Tool I've posted several articles about Self-Myofascial Release: Self Myofascial Release for Shoulders Shoulder Pain? Trigger Points … Aaargh! More Self-Myofascial Release – TheraWheel Here's a cool shoulder tool for self-myofascial release - The Myorope.  I'm a big fan of rolling around on odd-shaped objects in the hopes of massaging out any painful tight spots, so this looks like a great product.  The … [Read more...]