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Athletic Trainers ROCK !!

We all see our favorite athletes run, jump, throw, tackle .... yada, yada, yada.  And, we've all heard about the coaches who bring out the best in their athletes.  BUT, do you know who keeps these superstars healthy? Who wraps the ankles? ... or stretches the shoulders?  Who are the "hands on" sports medicine professionals on the field? Most people don't think of the Athletic Trainer ... SO, here's a short video to help you understand the … [Read more...]

How to Injure Your Shoulder

I was racking by brain for something to blog about when I stumbled across this first video.  People who perform dumb stunts usually pay the price ... often resulting in shoulder injuries.  The other videos were pretty easy to find. Fall from a poorly balanced chair / table Get a skateboard and go real fast Jump from a high place .. aka - Gravity sucks Yep..speed again .. and testosterone Snow, ice, youth and testosterone Shoulder … [Read more...]

A Dynamic Shoulder Mobility Warmup

What do you do to warmup your shoulders prior to working out?  You do warmup your shoulders ... right? The scary thing is that most people either don't warmup at all or perform a warmup that is hazardous to their shoulder health. Don't do this shoulder warmup !! I've seen it many times ... guys go to the gym ... it's chest day, so they're pumped to bench.  The first thing the do (and I used to be just as guilty) is external / internal … [Read more...]

Shoulder Mobility for Powerlifters … and YOU

I don't think of powerlifters being extremely mobile.  In fact, I picture those guys as tanks that can move anything that gets in their way. Donnie Thompson is one of those guys ... BUT he's not.  Donne is one of powerlifting's legends who has made it his mission to learn and teach mobility to anyone who will listen.  If you think really BIG guys can't be mobile, then you need to watch Donnie as he demonstrates how you can have better shoulder … [Read more...]

Shoulder Prehab … Fix It Before You Break It

Your shoulder will give you some trouble ... pain, discomfort or non-performance.  It's inevitable and just a matter of time ... UNLESS .. you take some preventive steps now. Factors affecting your shoulder age .. as you age, you become more likely to injure your shoulder or experience shoulder pain activity level ... if you're a "weekend" warrior, you can expect that sooner or later, you will have a shoulder injury health condition … [Read more...]

How to Diagnose a Torn Rotator Cuff

You have shoulder pain ... abnormal, "won't go away", "can't sleep at night" - shoulder pain.  I know ... you're wondering ... "Do I have a torn rotator cuff"? ...right? So, what can you do?  Here's the honest, no BS answer - GO TO YOUR DOCTOR!  He can perform a series of simple tests ... right in his office that will give him a pretty good indication as to whether or not your rotator cuff is torn.   Based on these office tests, he may order … [Read more...]

Want to Injure Your Shoulder? Do These 2 Exercises

Here's a quick trivia question:  Where do most newbies get their workout information: their friends the local muscle-head the "trainer" at their gym online The truth is they may not have any idea what is right ...or MORE IMPORTANTLY .... what's safe.   That's why you should educate yourself.  Read, read, read and then read some more.  Online is my favorite option, because I can quickly search a term or question and then compare the … [Read more...]