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Shoulder Rehab is Important BUT Nutrition Rehab is Life Changing

99.9% of the time, this website deals with issues related to shoulder rehab and performance.  BUT ... sometimes there are things that are more important than your shoulder health.  This is one of those times. Obesity Epidemic There is an obesity epidemic facing our nation and our families.  I have 4 children and I want them to live healthy, happy, productive lives ... SO, for the past couple of years, I've done quite a bit of research into the … [Read more...]

Rotator Cuff – New Stuff, Research and More

I found some great rotator cuff information this week and want to share it with you.  I'll give a brief summary to each link, but you need to visit the source and get the facts for yourself. Suture Number Determines Strength of Rotator Cuff Repair This is an abstract from the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.  Basically, the researchers took some sheep cadavers (dead sheep) cut their infraspanatus tendons and then sewed them back together … [Read more...]

Shoulder Pain – Do You Need To See A Physical Therapist?

My Shoulder Hurts !! This is common and I hear it a lot ... So, Should you see a doctor? Should you see a physical therapist? Should you wait and see? From the video, some things to consider: Is your shoulder injury acute (sudden, recent, traumatic)? Did you fall on your shoulder or an out-stretched hand? Do you have severe shoulder pain? Do you have unexplained loss of shoulder strength or shoulder mobility? See a … [Read more...]

Shoulder Pain? Trigger Points … Aaargh!

Chronic shoulder pain!!  It just never seems to go away... the constant nagging ... no relief ... struggle!  What can you do?  We'll that all depends on the kind of pain you're having, but always see a doctor first. New Research Points to Trigger Points as the Culprit A recent study on myofascial trigger points in patients with chronic shoulder pain concluded - "comprehensive treatment of MTrPs in shoulder muscles reduces the number of muscles … [Read more...]

Intense Shoulder Workout – Low Budget Strength

Big, Strong Shoulders?  Get em Here You say you want BIG shoulders, BUT just can't afford a set of weights, benches, racks and everything else you might need.  A gym membership is out of the question...so what do you do if you want to build big, strong shoulders?  Simple solution is to go down to your local service station or tire dealer and ask him if he has any tires he'd like to get rid of. I know...you're asking yourself..."has Chris lost … [Read more...]

How To: Shoulder Prehab

What is Shoulder Prehab? Prehab...some people love the term...some people hate it. In short, it's all about performing exercises designed to prevent injuries.  So, shoulder prehab is performing shoulder exercises t0 help you avoid shoulder injuries.  Some things to consider: doing shoulder prehab exercises doesn't guarantee you won't injure your shoulder there are many shoulder exercises and programs your shoulder program should … [Read more...]

Little League Pitchers and Shoulder / Elbow Injuries

Are YOU Allowing YOUR Child to Injure Their Shoulders & Elbows? Could you be to blame if your child injures their shoulder or elbow?  That answer could be YES ... IF YOU'RE not paying attention to the numbers. It's Called Pitch Count - How Much is Your Child Throwing? Dr. James Andrews, the "go to" shoulder surgeon for professional athletes speaks out on the increase of shoulder and elbow injuries he's seeing in young athletes.  Here are … [Read more...]